August 12, 2010

I am completely new and clueless to the world of blogging

I am completely new and clueless to the world of blogging, but I am very excited to add this means of communication alongside skype, email and facebook, so that TJ and I can share photos and our experiences while in Germany. You all will be able to read about and see what is going on with us in your time zone and on your own time. Plus, it will be fun for me to document our adventures in a new country and pretend I'm a photographer-extraordinaire...without feeling like an over excited tourist :)

The other reason why I decided to start a blog is because I had an awfully difficult time learning about what life is like over in Europe before we got here. My hope is that by keeping a blog, someone will google search and I can provide them with a little piece of mind about what it is like to up and move from the US to Germany.

I got carried away playing with settings instead of sharing pictures, so I will do that tomorrow. Right now, it is 3:00am and I should have been sleeping hours ago, but I've been up chatting with my lovely little sister on skype since we FINALLY have internet!

Tschüss =)


  1. So glad I found this! I am starting from day 1 of your blog and reading through :) I am moving overseas next summer after getting married, due to my fiance's basketball career. I will be in Greece and have been searching for blogs that talk about living overseas. Thank you!


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