August 24, 2010

It's official. I'm lame.

I haven't written in a week because I haven't (thought) that I've been doing much of anything to talk about. It took a swift kick from my friend Trish to wake up and realize HELLO, I AM LIVING IN GERMANY, GET WRITING AND SHARE THIS EXPERIENCE WITH OUR FAMILY BACK HOME! That was the whole point in creating this thing anyways, right?

I guess since I am use to traveling and finding different things to occupy my time it hasn't felt any different than being "home". It doesn't even seem like we are 4,000 miles away to be honest with you. But we are, and I see all daily hits to this site and the messages in my inbox asking whats up, so hopefully I will get better about writing and keeping everyone informed about the day-to-day over here in Deutschland.

I think so far the main change that we have to adjust to is the food. TJ and I love to eat, but it is hard to indulge here when we don't know what we are buying. I went to the market last week to pick up a few things because we literally only had eggs, rice cakes, cereal with no milk, and pasta, and I was hungry!! I grabbed a few items that looked healthy, crossed my fingers, bought them, and brought them directly to my computer to translate. I prepared for the worst that I had bought ground up fish tail and cow testicles, but I did pretty good!!
Basically flat chicken burgers with carrots and corn.
Grilled Turkey Breast Strips. These were yummy.
Dinner! Tiny bottle of terrible salad dressing, and of course BBQ sauce.
 As you can see, portions are so tiny! That is something we have to get use to for sure. I also was mistaken with the fact that I thought everything was so much cheaper here than back in the states. Everything is also half the size so I am thankful it doesn't cost as much as back home!
This was TJs
But I crushed the whole thing - look how tiny it is!
TJs tiny box of Oreos
16 Oreos were almost 2 euros!
I admit it, I was wrong about the clothing too. The prices I saw the first day I went shopping obviously reflected summer sales. I bought a plain long sleeve t-shirt, a mid-sleeve shirt/dress, a light sweater, a mid-sleeve sweater jacket, an oversized sweater dress, a long fleece jacket and 3 scarves for 195.20 euros, which currently equals $246.33 American. I will admit that the quality of the material is way better than the stores I shop in back home, but I am not quite sure I would have spent that kind of money in the states on the 9 items I bought. It's a toss up, but I justify it that I need warm clothes for games in the pferdeturm this winter! Plus for all the packing I did, I really didn't bring anything warm, and I should apparently be preparing for a bone cold winter.

Haha funny side note that I immediately knew I had to blog about the second it happened - TJ AND KEVIN GOT CAT CALLED! Ahaha I could laugh about this for hours. We took a walk downtown yesterday and I was obviously paying attention to everything that was going on around us. We were walking towards a food stand and I couldn't help but keep glancing at the transvestite inappropriately devouring a bratwurst. All of a sudden he/she? let out a long "MEEEOOOWWWWW"  and I started cracking up. TJ looked confused because the only animal that was near us was a tiny yorkie! Ohh I will remember that moment for the rest of my life. Ahahahahahaha.

For anyone whose been wondering what else I've been doing, wedding planning has completely taken over my life, and I love it! We are about 99% set on a location, but we obviously can't put down a deposit or set a definite date until we go to see the venue when we are back in the states. End of March? April? Only the play-off Gods can tell. I know for sure that I am interested in a lot of DIY projects. Not only will we save an incredible amount of money in the end, but I am one of those self-sufficient "do-it-all" kind of girls, and I know that it will be so much fun. I'm looking forward to making close to everything.  

What I really need to do is a set a schedule for myself. It has been so hectic and unpredictable, as you can imagine, getting things and our lives situated. BUT!, I do have so much more to be doing than tweaking our budget and researching wedding favors and cakes. Its so much fun though and I've thoroughly been enjoying myself :) I'm keeping this week open to relax, explore and kick up my feet on this little "vacation", but next week I am back on schedule with school work and maintaining That's a promise to myself.

Oh, I forgot. I met a few of the wives. Yay for some female interaction, finally!! Such sweethearts, too. We took a drive up to watch one of the guys pre-season games. TJ obviously didn't score until the following day when I wasn't there (I'm convinced that I am bad luck), but I managed to take a few photos.  Tschüss :D
Warm Ups
#32 - Kevin, TJ played with him in WV, too.
# 9 - Mike, TJ played with him at Union College, too.
Taking the ice
Strange to see him in #84, #13 was already taken ;(
Face off!
I think he might be a top contender for leading the team in penalty minutes this year..
Pre season tournament VS a pro Austrian team, the Black Wings Linz

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  1. Awww thanks for the shout out. That was sweet. You made me famous :). I can't believe the portion sizes of the food you bought. Could you imagine Big D? he would starve for sure. While you are on a shopping spree make sure you get nice warm boots. I hear the winter there is cold and crappy just like here. I wonder what German snow sounds like?


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