August 14, 2010

Isn't technology amazing?

While it took us a few days to get up and running, I think it is so cool that I can talk to and see my family back in the US for free via skype. I have a feeling that I will be talking to my loved ones more now than when I was even home!

Everyone I've talked to so far has asked the obvious questions - "How was the flight?", "How is it over there?", and "How are YOU?" Off the top of my head :

  • We left Boston at 10pm via Lufthansa. Squished and nearly full, I lucked out and had an open spot between me and the man to my left. I didn't sleep a wink.
  • Did you see our yummy food in the pictures below? I was impressed, obviously haha. Shrimp and romaine salad, pesto and marinara pasta, a delicious roll and butter, chocolate mousse with strawberries and shaved white chocolate, unlimited open bar, and a cheese stick for Brutus when he got off the plane :)YUM!
  • Lufthansa is the way to go if you want good grub, but if you want friendly customer service forget about it. I had to call 4 or 5 different times to go over random things that needed clarification since the team booked our flight, and the people that answered the phones were NOT nice or even remotely helpful. They weren't friendly at Logan either. For example, after we checked our luggage we were told by two people that someone would be over to help us move forward so the dog crate could be inspected. After waiting a good 15 minutes I asked TJ to go see what was up and a man flatly and rudely said "Well you need to speak up if you need assistance." Uh hello, two people said they were already taking care of it. Ignorant.
  • On a positive note - Brutus made it! When we went through customs and finally picked him up he was physically exhausted and it looked as though they had sprayed him with a hose of water - but he made it, he's healthy, and he's happy. I was nervous traveling with him because our vet made a somewhat deserved stink over the fact that he is a snub nosed dog, but our boy is a champion :) I was assured that the airline kept its separate cabin for animals at 62 degrees which is a perfect sleeping temperature for him.
  • Getting through customs was a breeze. I was slightly worried because I packed all of my 100+ vintage jewelry pieces in my purse and carry on. I was anticipating a bunch of questions, but they just checked out our passports and we went right through. No wonder terrorists and felons escape right into other countries.
  • We had a 3 hour ride from the airport in Frankfurt into Hannover. It was 6am in MA, and I slept the entire way.
  • Hannover is CLEAN! There isn't even dirt on the side of the roads. We leave our windows open at night, no mosquitoes or little annoying bugs come in. Flies are only around the enclosed garbage drops outside. 
  • The architecture of the houses, apartments, and buildings is literally an art! Every building is so incredibly beautiful and I can't wait to share pictures.
  • Our city is hustling and bustling. There are hundreds of little shops in the downtown area. Above ground, under ground, a 3 story mall. A shopping girls paradise! 
  • We live about a 10 minute car/train ride to the rink, and a 15 minute car/train ride to downtown. Our location is perfect because it is quiet, we have a huge grassy back yard for Brutus, and two other guys live in our building for TJ.
  • Our neighbors don't care for Brutus. Apparently a few years ago English bulldogs were attacking children? I don't believe it and I think he is being mistaken for a pitbull or a boxer. Anyone who knows Brutus Baxter knows that our Bully is no bully!
  • Our apartment is wonderful. Brand new washer (no dryer), fridge, stove top, oven, sink, kitchen cabinets, wood floor, a huge closet, and all kitchenware from IKEA. I will take some photos when we finally get the place situated. TJ will be gone all next week for pre-season games so I am looking forward to arranging and finally finding a place for everything.
  • On that note, to any girl who is coming here, don't bother bringing your hair dryer, hair straightener, or clothes iron. I brought all three as well as a plug converter; my straightener plates over heated and melted into the plastic, and fire shot out of my hair dryer before sounding like a 747 and shutting off. Trial and error, I found that bringing all three of these items just took up space in my suitcase and I would have been better off just buying them here. Example - I bought a European hair dryer for $4.99 today.
  • Same goes with clothes. TJ and I paid $400 to send over two over weight bags. We would have been much better off leaving clothes at home and buying here because the clothes and SHOES! are so much cheaper than in the US.
  • A lot of people have questioned what I will be doing in Germany. Some of these people have also turned up their noses and verbalized that they don't understand why I would "drop my life" to travel with TJ for hockey. It is quite annoying, and while I don't have the gall to say it to their faces, hopefully they will read this blog entry and realize 1. It's none of their business and 2. This is my life whether they understand it or not. I may not be working a regular job, but what I will be doing is keeping me plenty busy! Finishing my wedding/event planning course, planning our wedding, I signed up for a German language course today, thrifting for new items and listing on VINTAGEISVOGUE, I start dance classes next week, meeting interesting people, learning about a new culture, exploring Europe and enjoying every single opportunity that comes our way. I probably never would have had the chance to come to Germany if it wasn't for TJs career. While it isn't always easy having his contract dictate when, where, and why we have to do certain things, I wouldn't change anything about it because it keeps our life interesting and fun! 
  • I am feeling much better now than I did earlier this week - I slept for three days. I was seriously jet lagged and couldn't stay awake for more than a couple of hours at a time.
  • My eating patterns are still a little shifted, I do not eat until 3 or 4pm here, which is 9/10am back home.
  • None of the other girls are here yet, but good news is that quite a few are coming. I can't wait. AND, there is going to be an English Bulldog named Buster for Brutus to play with. Yay for doggy play dates.
  • Speaking of Bruts - himandiarelikethis! TJ has been gone from 9-3 every day for practice and getting himself situated with the team/visa/etc. Bru and I have been out exploring our neighborhood everyday. I take him for 15-30 minute walks every two hours, and he plops down for a nap as soon as I wipe his 4 inch long slob off his lips :) We're in a routine and he knows when two hours have passed because he's waiting for me at the door.
  • I put on my big girl panties today and went on the train and into town by myself. woop woop, making strides!! I know, I know, the little American girl shouldn't be out running around by herself, but I do feel completely safe here. Everyone minds their business and trust me, I've googled the crime rate here :) We are safe.
Tonight TJ has a player introduction to the fans event at the rink, or the "pferdeturm" as they call it here. Then we are going out with the team which should be a fun time. I'm charging my camera now so hopefully there will be some good pictures to share tomorrow.


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