August 15, 2010

Pferd=horse and Turm=tower.

Last night was my first time inside the Pferdeturm. 

Quick lesson: Pferd=horse and turm=tower. The horse tower is a late medieval watchtower of the city of Hannover. The rink was built right behind it. 

We attended the "Saisoneröffnungsparty 2010" which translates into the "Season Opening Party" which was a meet the team and signing event held inside where the ice will be laid. I had my first German Bratwürste and it was pretty tasty. They are normally served alongside fries or "Pomme Frittes" COVERED in mayo, but I decided to skip that option. I did however have my first taste of German beer and I had a "Radler" as well, which is beer mixed with Sprite. It was different - I guess beer based mixed drinks are popular here.

The fans here are very nice - they are die hard and the atmosphere is amazing - I am sure it's going to be an unbelievable experience for TJ to take the ice with a packed house every game. The arena itself is MUCH different than what we have played in back in the states, it certainly has character ;) - take a look!
Both ends of the arena are exposed to the outdoors!
This calls for one COLD hockey rink!
The guys on the team all get along great. The Germans are so helpful to TJ and I with the language and getting around the city; we have been really blessed that they are so kind and welcoming. There are also two guys here that TJ played with in the states, one from last year in West Virginia, and another that he played with in college. It is really awesome to get to go through this experience with guys we know from home, it somehow makes being in a new country not so scary and overwhelming.

Here are a few pics of TJ signing, being introduced to the fans, and a really great video of the guys at the closure of their event. Enjoy.

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