August 17, 2010

One Week Down.

I love that we can be so far away and yet so close to our families at the same time due to skype and facebook.

TJ is gone this entire week for preseason games. Brutus has been driving me nuts. The past two days have been raining so he has only been outside about an hour and a half each day. He has been crying all day and all night and was actually barking in my face last night. He hardly ever barks. He's out to get me, too. If he can get his little jibbers on anything of mine, he's stealing my hair clips, ponytail holders, flip flops, anything. I thankfully grabbed my purse out of his mouth in time or he would've been in BIG trouble. I do feel bad for the poor pup though - the entire summer he was outside all day, playing with my parents dogs and my brother who is his best friend. He stares outside a lot; it makes me sad but hopefully he will adjust to living in an apartment again soon.

 TJ and I went into the city on Sunday morning. We figured out the correct stops to get to certain places, took some pictures of the city hall and different statues and found a PIZZA HUT with both a German and an American menu! Yay! Our first day here we went to a German pizza place for dinner which didn't have a lick of English. I told TJ we couldn't mess up by ordering the "Parmaschinken" pizza. Oh boy was I wrong. Chinken here is ham, so we basically had prosciutto all over our pizza. It wasn't terrible, but it was a huge disappointment after looking forward to a chicken parm pizza.
City Hall
Hannovers Red Light District
Ernest Augustus I Statue
TJs German is coming along great, he is getting the accent down and everything. I am so proud of him. It is obviously much easier for him to catch on to the language because he is around it and practicing it with the guys on the team, but I am learning. He is also much more open to trying different and new foods. My stomach has been acting up since we've been here so starting today I am cutting out dairy and seeing if my horrible stomach pains go away. 

I can't read food labels here (fat, protein, carbs, etc.,) I should probably educate myself on that soon though. The food is a big change for me. Shopping is difficult because everything is obviously in German. I feel like a goof ball investigating all of the labels trying to recognize something or anything that looks close to English, but I guess that is part of the learning experience. It's funny, quick snack foods like Pringles, KitKats, Coke, Red Bull etc. all have the familiar look and logo, but any food with substance is completely German and I hesitate to buy it because I have no idea what it is! Lettuce is lettuce and peppers are still peppers here, so at least my favorite foods are available and if all else fails, they do have Subway and Twix bars :)
TJs German Milka Bar
My "German" Twix Bar :)
This move has already made me a much stronger person and I'm learning to stand on my own two feet.  Every season and every move has been exciting, fun, rewarding, challenging and stressful. This one for sure will be the most memorable. It can be terrible at times to only have Brutus to talk to, but I am keeping a positive attitude here. I have been doing a lot of reflecting and working on being the best me that I can be. It has been refreshing, actually. When was the last time you spent some quality time with yourself? This experience is allowing me to discover who I am, find myself, and know myself. I think everyone needs to be alone in order to develop a true sense of self.

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