August 25, 2010

Just Another Update

Who knew that the basic color spectrum had so many sisters, brothers, cousins, and great grandmothers-aunts-fathers-mother colors, too? Playing with color pallets and researching and messaging photographers and DJs consumed a large part of my day today. TJ has been a great sport listening to all of my ideas and "well what about..."s, and bouncing back what he thinks too in between practices.

Funny how things change in the course of 24 hours. We are basically set with our venue, the Log Cabin, and are just waiting on my mom and meme to go check the place out for us. I admit it is terrible not being able to check it out ourselves being that TJ and I are here in Germany, but I trust the both of them. Plus, Teej and I think it would be much worse to lose the venue and the date we want, which is 7/7/2012 by waiting until April to look ourselves. I have been talking to a wonderful coordinator there (over email, obviously), who has been incredibly helpful, understanding of our situation, and is already making planning a breeze. Yay!

In other news, ANOTHER one of TJs college teammates is coming to Hannover tomorrow on a try-out. Union College represent!! I think it is really neat that he will now have 3 former teammates here. Even being all the way over here in Germany, this "hockey world" is still so small. Last week for instance when I went to TJs tournament I bumped into one of his former teammates from Worcester. Craziness.

My brother started the third grade today. The little man is growing up! I had a twinge in my heart and was homesick because I wished I was there to see him off. I know he's going to grow up a lot in the next 6 months while we are away and it makes me sad. I know it is inevitable, and don't get me wrong, I am so proud of the healthy, funny, and active boy that he is, but it literally feels like only a few months ago that I was changing his poopy diapers :) TJ and I were discussing how old all of the "kids" will be at our wedding, and besides baby Muroski (who will be 1.5!), even Ethan will be 6.5 and Ant will be 10. Yikes we're getting old.

Gute Nacht!

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