September 23, 2010

I Am Terrible At Blogging!

The weather here lately has been reminding me of Massachusetts. The rain finally stopped, leaves are crunching under my feet, there is a wonderful crisp in the air, and I am craving Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice Coffee!! I am crossing my fingers that Starbucks will have something comparable soon, even though I am a New England Girl and thoroughly prefer DD over Starbucks. Good news is that not only "America runs on Dunkin", because there is one here in Germany! It is in Berlin though, which is about 155 miles away. I won't be going there for my daily fix but I am hopeful that I will make it there one day.

So my camera decided to break during TJs home opener. Perfect timing, right? Good thing electronics are cheap here because TJ treated me to a brand new one today!! I did manage to capture a video of the team taking the ice and it also shows how intense the fans get here with their chants and sparklers. Unfortunately you're going to have to take a peek back here tomorrow because my computer keeps freezing and it's 12am here - no more fighting with the computer for me!!

On Tuesday we went to our first Hannover 96ers Fußball game. The arena holds 46,000 people and it was a sold out game!! It was for sure something we had to experience and I am glad we went. Our seats were right behind the net, so make sure you take a peek in the Hannover, Germany section of our online photo gallery later tomorrow after I figure out how to upload pictures off my Blackberry.

So, I have a confession to make - I recently found myself googling "how to be a housewife". It sounds goofy, crazy and strange (and totally me - Teej calls me the Google Queen!), but when I have a question, google finds my answer. I feel so scatter brained lately. I am so use to working 12 hour work shifts out of the house and living my life around a schedule; knowing exactly at X time on Y day the laundry had to get done or if I had 5 spare minutes during a lunch break to quickly do the dishes from the night before, that this whole having 24 open hours to do anything yet everything is a complete shock to me. I am internally programed to go, go, go. Trust me I am keeping busy, but it's just a different kind of busy I guess. Slowly but surely I am learning to embrace my life and live in the now instead of planning where I need to be in the next 15 minutes, but I also need structure and a schedule to keep myself from going nuts on track. I've been consciously working on it the past couple of days and hopefully I will fall into a routine soon.

I guess my friend Ashleys facebook status can sum up how I feel (in a funny way, of course):

"I am so busy doing nothing... that the idea of doing anything - which as you know, always leads to something - cuts into the nothing and then forces me to have to drop everything." - Jerry Seinfeld :)

Anyways, check back tomorrow for a couple of pictures and the video. I have some funny pictures of Bruttys first encounter with a few cows and bull, too!! :) For those of you that don't know, English Bulldogs were bred for bull baiting, so it was pretty funny to see his reaction. Remember that we are 6 hours ahead here - I will have everything squared away by noon which is 6am back home so you'll be able to see it when you wake up!! 

Loving and missing the family big time!! 

September 9, 2010

Another Update on Life.

We're still counting down the days til regular season. I can't believe how LONG pre-season is here, but I'm not complaining. I finally took out my planner and wrote down TJs game schedule. He has like 42 games or something? That is nothing compared to the 70something we had last year and then 80 we had in the A. Games are on Fridays/Sundays with a couple Tuesday/Thursdays sprinkled in between, but never any more than twice a week. Of course he has a game on my birthday, and of course it is away. Oh well I am use to it. Lucky he won't be traveling on Christmas like he did last year and he won't be eating Thanksgiving dinner at a hotel. Thumbs up for that. :)

I bought a few more candles and decorations for the apartment today. I hate buying things when we move so much, (especially this year since nothing is coming back to the states with us), but these white walls are starting to remind me of a padded looney-bin so I picked up a few things. :)

I've checked out three thrift stores in the past week and I am thoroughly disappointed! Back home I always find wonderful vintage items but everything I saw this week was contemporary/modern and PRICEY! Big bummer, I was expecting great finds from WWII (so many things are marked Western Germany back home!!), things to add to the shop and also to pick up for wedding decor but I guess that will have to wait. Luckily I brought 45+ items that still need to be listed on the website, otherwise I would be a very upset girl!!

We are adjusting to the food. I still get frustrated when we are out because a lot of the food here isn't particularly appetizing to me (heavy bread, tortellini and pasta), plus I don't know how to correctly pronounce or ask for the things that I do want. I've been walking EVERYWHERE and according to the little kilo scale at the sauna I've lost 10 pounds this months so luckily the carbs haven't gotten to me yet.

I still think it's so funny that it's 5:30 back home and 11:30 here. My mom wrote me a message the other night at 9PM (3am here), and I got back to her at 9:30am here (3:30am there). I haven't been able to talk to anyone at my house the past few days because school started back up and they are all adjusting to the new school year so HELLO, WE LOVE YOU, and WE MISS YOU!!!

Gute Nacht!

September 7, 2010

Exploring Hannover

TJ had this past Sunday and Monday off from practice so we took advantage of exploring a bit of Hannover before winter weather and the regular season creep up on us. I could go on forever about what a wonderful time we had, but I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
Aegidienkirche WWII Memorial
Großen Garden
The Grotto
The Berggarten
The Sea Life Hannover Aquarium
Brutus made friends!! Buster the Bulldog and Lukey the Newfoundland McPherson :)

September 4, 2010

Home Sick.

Not too much has been going on here in Hannover. The weather  has been so unpredictable. A decent handful of times I have gone out into an open blue and sunny sky to play fetch with Brutus and in less than 5 minutes grey storm clouds roll in and we just make it to the door before huge raindrops come splashing down to the ground. Today was a surprising and refreshing exception. The sun was shining, and I spent a majority of the day walking around the city with two of the girls. It was wonderful to get out of the house with some females. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with the boys, but I was due for some quality girl time for sure!!

One advantage of living in the hockey fishbowl is that with every new city there is a group of girls who completely understand your situation. And no, of course we aren't all going to get along - you can't expect that from any group of females - but who else knows better and can relate to the trials and tribulations of relocating, frequent adjustments, constant game plans, an unwritten lists of "do"s and "don't"s,  the ever-present reality that our guys can be fired, benched or injured at any time, the daily extremes of winning and losing, constant fan and media scrutiny, or how annoying it is to simply be recognized and referred to as "Mrs. Future Fox" better than other hockey wives?

Trust me when I say that I am not complaining about my life. Far from it, I feel so blessed - but this adjustment has been very difficult for me. I think maybe year after year it becomes harder and harder to become established and then reestablished; to make great girlfriends and form a "family" and then start all over again from square one a few months later. These people do become our family - we make and share important milestones and memories, care about one another, have our Christmas and Easter dinners together while secretly yearning to be "home", and then learn to do it all over again with a whole new group of individuals a few months later.

I admit I am a little sentimental tonight because I am a bit "home"sick. Trying to stay positive, I know that this experience is making me a much stronger and more independent person. I am surrounded by amazing people both near and far, and no matter what city, state or different country we are in, my heart is happy knowing that my family is just a plane ride away and that together with TJ is the best place to be.

Time to say my nightly prayer (an old horoscope if you can believe it!) and head off to sleep. Gute Nacht!

"Home isn't just a physical place or location. It's a state of mind, and one that you can take with you. Remember that when worries about your place in the world or your family spring into your mind. Certain things about them, that is, the most important things, remain with you no matter what may change outwardly. So don't panic even if it seems like everything is changing. The most important stuff stays the same."
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