September 9, 2010

Another Update on Life.

We're still counting down the days til regular season. I can't believe how LONG pre-season is here, but I'm not complaining. I finally took out my planner and wrote down TJs game schedule. He has like 42 games or something? That is nothing compared to the 70something we had last year and then 80 we had in the A. Games are on Fridays/Sundays with a couple Tuesday/Thursdays sprinkled in between, but never any more than twice a week. Of course he has a game on my birthday, and of course it is away. Oh well I am use to it. Lucky he won't be traveling on Christmas like he did last year and he won't be eating Thanksgiving dinner at a hotel. Thumbs up for that. :)

I bought a few more candles and decorations for the apartment today. I hate buying things when we move so much, (especially this year since nothing is coming back to the states with us), but these white walls are starting to remind me of a padded looney-bin so I picked up a few things. :)

I've checked out three thrift stores in the past week and I am thoroughly disappointed! Back home I always find wonderful vintage items but everything I saw this week was contemporary/modern and PRICEY! Big bummer, I was expecting great finds from WWII (so many things are marked Western Germany back home!!), things to add to the shop and also to pick up for wedding decor but I guess that will have to wait. Luckily I brought 45+ items that still need to be listed on the website, otherwise I would be a very upset girl!!

We are adjusting to the food. I still get frustrated when we are out because a lot of the food here isn't particularly appetizing to me (heavy bread, tortellini and pasta), plus I don't know how to correctly pronounce or ask for the things that I do want. I've been walking EVERYWHERE and according to the little kilo scale at the sauna I've lost 10 pounds this months so luckily the carbs haven't gotten to me yet.

I still think it's so funny that it's 5:30 back home and 11:30 here. My mom wrote me a message the other night at 9PM (3am here), and I got back to her at 9:30am here (3:30am there). I haven't been able to talk to anyone at my house the past few days because school started back up and they are all adjusting to the new school year so HELLO, WE LOVE YOU, and WE MISS YOU!!!

Gute Nacht!


  1. Food is so critical when you're an expat. It definitely takes getting used to not being able to get stuff. I had to change my whole perspective on cooking when I moved to Japan. And we walk a lot too and it's been amazing for keeping the pounds off :D

  2. I'm glad you agree! We love food...and I don't even know exactly what I'm searching for from back in the states but I am HUNGRY for something! :)

    I actually did a google search the other day and walking is better for you running. Sounds good to me :)


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