October 14, 2010

Wedding On The Brain

Ahhh! So I have had the wedding on my brain every since I got off the phone with my Meme yesterday. Everything is quickly coming together, the date, the venue, the food, the photographer, the DJ...but not the guest list. Why is it so hard to remember people? I forgot my Godmother on my first list, how terrible is that??! I guess what is confusing is that I think of two people as one couple, or a whole family as one group, so I forget a married cousin here or there. Ooops. Hey, I don't know, I've never gotten married before ;) What I do know, is that little by little we are creeping up to 200 invites. So much for a small wedding like we originally planned. Oiiii, Budget?, what budget?

Meme also got me really giddy about going dress shopping when I come home. Mom says I should look online and around here in Germany for ideas, but I really want to save that entire portion of this process for when I am back with my family. I've made a promise to myself that I WILL NOT show TJ the dress before our big day. In the past, we have told each other every Christmas and Birthday present before the occasion, any surprise, and I even knew the proposal was coming. TJ and I flat our SUCK at keeping secrets from each other. It's hard to keep things from your best friend, but I will not, will NOT, WILL NOT even give him an inkling about what the gown looks like. :) :) :)

TJ jokes that I need to make him a posterboard presentation of my ideas because they just keep coming, changing, and formulating. I've had a good two months to think (not that I haven't been planning this day with him for years or anything...hahaha) but our planner at the venue says that I am really only about two months ahead of schedule. Bridezilla I will not be - I am glad that we chose a long engagement so I can be a Wedding Ninja and spend time planning a kick ass wedding. 

We decided on the colors blush pink, moss green, champagne, and ivory. If you know me well, you know that I have a soft spot for all things vintage. My favorite thing to do is rummage through thrift stores (especially with my little sister and MAID OF HONOR!), and TJ really loves that I have my own little hobby, so a vintage vibe is an obvious choice for us. These colors just scream an elegant and classy soirĂ©e to me. TJ just goes with my flow, but he likes it and approves :) 

Color inspirations:
I recently fell in love with the color green since moving to Germany. The landscapes and  flowers here (remember the Garten we visited??!) are truly breathtaking, but then I remind myself that despite their beauty, I have a love-hate relationship with flowers. Yes, I love them, they are beautiful and they smell nice...but they also die, rot, and end up stinking in the garbage. I can't justify spending a ridiculous amount of money on flowers for 6 hours when they eventually end up in a landfill somewhere, so mark my words there will not be one single flower at our wedding. TJ scratches his head, but I have wonderful ideas running around in my head :)

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  1. I love your inspiration boards - the vintage flair is definitely there! Looks like you'll have a beautiful wedding!


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