November 4, 2010

Family Dinner

I just finished cleaning up from a delicious 8 person "family dinner" (insert Patting Myself On The Back here!) and thought I would write while Teej is passed out with a full belly and Brutes is snoring hard after winding down from his excitement of our visitors.

Trust me, feeding six North American hockey players is no easy task!! Our dinner menu went from me making lasagna, to lasagna rolls, to meat stuffed cannolis, to a new concoction that we dubbed "lasagna pizza". Haha, yep, cooking here in Germany hasn't gotten any easier, especially with our itty bitty oven. We have no casserole dishes, so I thought I would just make lasagna rolls in our deep baking sheet. I usually just use regular lasagna noodles and roll them to make lasagna rolls, but when I saw the cannoli shells at the store I bought them without thinking about how impossible it would be to fill floppy shells with meat. Oh well, this new "lasagna pizza" tasted great, all the guys were happy, and if any of them put up points tomorrow, I take full responsibility for cooking them a kickass pre-game! ;)

TJ has a 5 day break next week and we are planning a trip with another couple to DISNEYLAND PARIS!! Teej and I are like kids in a candy store giddy excited over it. All of the parks are currently being decorated for Christmas - the castle is being transformed into an ice palace, and Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and the rest of them will be decked out in festive outfits.

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