November 13, 2010

Paris Recap

Is it really November 13th? I feel like the past three months have been played out with the fast forward button held down! 

Paris was great! I am so glad we took the opportunity to go. We decided to leave early Monday, dropped Brutus off at the dog sitter at 7:30, and were on the road for 8am. We traveled through Belgium and into France - the trip there took a total of eight hours. (We decided next time we go anywhere we are flying!!) After parking, checking in, getting settled, relaxing for a few and freshening up, it was seven and we were out the door for dinner, to see the Eiffel Tower lit up, and to watch Moulin Rouge. 
I read mixed reviews online about Moulin Rouge, so I was hesitant about paying 80 euros per ticket (about $260), but I decided if we were in Paris with the opportunity to watch the show live, I would be more disappointed if we didn't go than if we did and it was terrible. With that being said, I honestly wasn't impressed with the show. Maybe I am bias because I am a technically trained dancer and I can never watch a dance performance without having somewhat critical eyes, but it irks me when I pay to go to a show and can confidently say that I could dance alongside their lead. The male dancers were TERRIBLE, I cannot believe they are getting paid to be on that stage. They reminded me of clowns. The girls looked tired, but I would be too at 11PM after just dancing a 9PM show. They need some new choreography and a red bull! All negativity aside, there were two ballet pieces in the show that took my breath away, I am no ballerina and always appreciate their dedication and pride to their art. The Russian ballerinas have been coined the best in the world, and I have to agree, they gave me the chills. I loved the vintage vibe of the theater, the costumes were big and beautiful, lots of rhinestones and feathers. The live show is completely different than the movie - and while I wouldn't pay to go watch it again, I am glad that we did get to experience it. 
The next morning we slept in a bit because we got into the hotel at 2:30am. We went to see the Eiffel tower again and then we were on the road to DisneylandParis. It was misting rain mostly the entire time we were in France, but I didn't mind. I would have liked to see a little more of Paris, but Mickey was calling my name and I know we can always hop on a plane for a day trip to check our more of the sites. 

We stayed at the Sequoia Lodge - it was a great rustic themed choice for our little relaxing vacation from hockey. We had passes to go between Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios for three days, and all of our meals were included. When all is said and done (Bruttys dog hotel, gas, hotel in Paris, Moulin Rouge tickets, Sequoia Lodge hotel, food, Disneyland passes), we paid right over 1,000 euros for the both of us for four days. Amazing!!
I have been to Orlando five times that I can remember. It was always jam packed with people and wait times for rides were always over an hour. At DisneylandParis I felt like we never had more than 100 people around us and we basically walked on every ride - it took more time walking through the winding aisles that are normally filled with people than it took to actually wait for the group ahead of us and walk on the ride. It was great!
Well, that is our trip in a nutshell. We are back in Hannover, ready to grind out the next four months of the season. After seeing all of the Christmas decorations at DisneylandParis, I am really looking forward to going to the Christmas Markets with my girlfriends and buying a few small decorations for the apartment. 

TJ and I have never bought a tree, but I told him this year I am going to find a small, fake, and pathetic little one that we can pop in and out of a suitcase :) I know I need to focus on preparing to cook for our first Thanksgiving away from family, but Disney put me in the Christmas spirit - it is only 41 days away and Santa will be here before we know it!! =)

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