November 20, 2010


My favorite store has come to Hannover!!! Dun dun dun dunnnnn.....
Back home I love to go to TJX for 50-70% off designer items like Coach and Michael Kors bags, 7, Lucky and True Religion Jeans, Juicy hoodies, Guess boots, Jessica Simpson heels, etc. I was ecstatic to have snagged a $1,400 Diane von Furstenberg three piece luggage set for $400 before we came over here. I get a rush from finding expensive items at low prices, its such a fun game for me =)

Besides the obvious spelling difference of TK Maxx rather than TJ Maxx like it is spelled back in the states, these European stores also feature a GOLD LABEL section that I can unfortunately only oogle over. The GOLD LABEL section carries more Luxury brands like 1,000 D&G and Versace jackets and purses and 1,500 cocktail dresses and heels. They have special tags that distinguish these items from the rest of the store that say "V.I.P. - Very Important Purchase" Ohh how I wish! I think next time I am going to try on items I will never afford just for fun and take some photos just to say I had it on =)

Even though I didn't walk away with V.I.P status, I did pick up some great stdeals! I decided to treat myself to some new workout clothes, and while it was a little investment, I saved over €200 off retail price! Gosh I love saving $$!...well actually, €! 
Under Armour Compression Running Pants - €24.99 marked down from €53
Puma Sweatpants - €21.99 marked down from €36

And my new favorite dance/gym wear:
These pieces are made in Italy with super fine materials, in bright colors and hip fashion. I LOVE the brand, and am very happy to have found it here, (especially at such low prices!)

2 pairs of pants - €16.99 each, both marked down from €70!
Jacket - €19.99 marked down from €90!
Speaking of dance - another girl and I are starting Ballet on December 2nd! I am really happy to be back in the classroom and am crossing my fingers that they use the same French vocabulary that I know. TJ says "You can dance in any language like I can play hockey in any language." I really hope he is right!!
I also started shopping for our Thanksgiving fiesta today. I currently have 10,200 grams of frozen turkey defrosting in the fridge, which converts to just over 22 pounds and hopefully enough to feed an army hungry hockey players. I am just a little bit stressed because I have never had to cook a full meal from scratch. There really aren't instant potatoes, Stovetop stuffing or canned cranberry sauce over here, but I am actually excited to plan and execute it all. I am staying positive and looking forward to sharing a nice meal with the fam =)


  1. TOO FUNNY! I bought one Danza item in Italy and fell in love with it. When I left Germany, I went to TK Maxx and stocked up on Danza stuff! I also found adorable Hunter boots for 19 euro. The hubby just about killed me because I bought crocodile Hunter boots in Italy the year before but ... what's he really going to do about it, right? Shop on and keep me posted on your amazing finds!

  2. Really? That's so funny! What were the Danza prices like in Italy?

    I always justify to TJ the money that I saved, not the money that I spent ;) Nice find on the Hunter boots!!!!

  3. I just saw this post, I know its old, but I am still really jealous. We had a TK MAXX last year, but none in sight this year. Really missing it! And your blog banner is so cute! I design graphics as well(more illustrated things, like my blog header), and was wondering if it would be worth my time to make into a small business too. Best of luck and you'll have to let me know how it goes! I feel like we always have the same ideas, spooky :)


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