November 5, 2010

Disneyland/Paris is booked!!

So our trip to Disneyland/Paris is booked!! So excited!! Now I am just in the middle of arranging Brutters stay at a fancy-schmancy Hunde Resort, taking care of last minute details, and then we will be in Paris from Monday-Thursday :) I feel terrible leaving our little man for six days - I hope he doesn't hate us when we get back. 

I forgot to mention a very important update yesterday - WE HAVE A VEHICLE!!!!!! Surprisingly it is not decked out in Hannover Indians signage, but I won't be surprised if they logo it up one day while TJ is at the rink. 

Funny story - after TJ texted me that he was off to pick up the vehicle from the dealership I looked out the window and there was a brand new tricked out black and chrome Range Rover in front of our apartment. I looked at the last 2 digits of the license plate and they were 84!! Most of the guys here have their jersey number as the last two digits of their license plate and I thought to myself  "No effing way!!" (TJ sold his Range Rover a couple of days before we came over to Germany, and would have been the happiest man in Hannover if he had one back in his possession!!) Well, I was clearly wrong - here is what we have for the rest of the season:
The silver one is what the rest of the team has, ours is the maroon one in front of it.
Not as nice as the Range, but no complaints here, its a free vehicle for the season and it certainly takes the blow off the monthly payments for "Rover" ;)

It is a rainy day here in Hannover - I am not really looking forward to sitting in the open arena tonight but I have a positive feeling that they are going to win so hopefully freezing my buns off will be worth it. When we get home tonight I am going to upload more pictures to our online photo albums and add some more videos to our YouTube channel, so make sure to check it out later.

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