December 2, 2010


I wasn't in too big of a hurry to get this list out on Thanksgiving or the day after (or day after, or day all know how bad I am with posting!) but this holiday season does serve as a good reminder to reflect and be thankful for the things that I am blessed with.

So, in no particular order, here is the list of things that I am thankful for this year:

Mom & Dad - Thank you for letting Teejy and I take over the basement in the offseason, for allowing me to become my own person, and for dealing with this weird transition of me growing up and becoming my own person. Oh yes, and I am forever grateful (and forever indebted) for the $60,000 in college tuition you selflessly paid. Danke parents, I will pay you back one day.

Lili & Anthony - I love and miss you both so much that it makes my heart hurt. This moving around thing and being away from you makes me wish we could go back to being 17, 11 and 1 and stay there forever. I am so proud of you and the independent, silly, clever, and educated little people you are growing up to be. Thank you for the belly laughs, the sleep overs, snuggles, and for teaching me patience, compassion and how to be forgiving. I can't imagine my life without you two =)

Meme - I am so blessed with the relationship we have developed this year. You are the most selfless person I know, constantly giving and never asking for anything in return. You teach me more than you realize. I am lucky to have you as my grandmother. Love you .55¢

TJ - My best friend. Thank you for your love, your support, putting up with me, and for accepting me for who I am (the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, and the weird) ;) Oh, and for putting up with my facebook addiction and for giving me the most beautiful engagement ring. Ever. You're stuck with me now baby!! 

True Friends - What I lack in quantity I make up for in quality. DC, Caroline and Alicia, thank you for being you, and for being true. 

New Friends - Each year when we move I am blessed with a wonderful group of girls who understand all of the feelings, frustrations, highs and lows that come with this crazy lifestyle, with no questions asked and no judgement passed. I am so thankful in particular for the special few who have become my true friends for life. You know who you are. EDIT: I am also incredibly grateful for the small group of people that I can count on one hand who we have met in different cities who are interested in me instead of TJ. Who check in with me from time to time, and who genuinely care about me and not his stats on the scoresheet. Thank you for helping me adjust to a new city, and thank you for being a friend :)

Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Ice Coffee with Three Splenda and Skim Milk - I admit it, I have been cheating on you but TRUST ME, Starbucks has nothing on you. I am quite concerned that cocaine is an additive in your deliciousness, since I still wake up every so often craving you, but you will be my first stop when we get off the plane in Massachusetts. See you soon :o)

Other Hockey Wife Bloggers - I thank you for sharing our world with the world. I appreciate the friendships I have developed with a couple of you and I hope that our paths cross in real life one day.

Google Translate - Thank you for helping me cook dinner.

Living Simply - I am learning to embrace that "less is more".....more money for the wedding fund!

Opportunities - I am so thankful for this amazing, adventurous opportunity. Five years ago living in Ware, Massachusetts, I never would have imagined that I would be living in Germany getting to experience new foods, a new language, and a new culture. I am excited for what our future holds and where we will end up in seasons to come.

Internet - Facebook, email, and skype, thank you for connecting me to the rest of the world in a timely manner and for bridging the gap between here and home. Google, thank you for helping me find answers to important questions (and not so important questions, too).

Brutus - Yes, you are a spoiled little monster who drives me nuts when you whine, when you play Houdini and escape from your harness and bolt down the street, when you think it is fun to play panty snatcher, and when you put holes in our socks, but no one in my life is more excited to see me every time I walk in the door than you. My little pup-kin, monkey, BooBoo, thank you for making me smile and laugh every day, and for your ability to tell me when you have to go outside to poop =) Good boy!

Happy holidays to all of my readers and friends. Be happy, be thankful, be safe, enjoy your families, and remember to count your blessings everyday. xo


  1. How totally awesome, you made me cry(in a good way) and laugh!!! Enjoy the Holidays!!!

  2. Same here, laugh and cry at the same time!!! I'm lucky i met such a silly, cute, caring little Girl like you!!

  3. We're both lucky :) Give that little Tyger a kiss from me <3


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