December 28, 2010

I take care of my dog better than I take care of myself

If you're family and have been following this blog from the start, you know that there have been many changes and upgrades to my blogging capabilities. I started this blog as a way to share our adventures here in Germany, but it's now developing into something that is my own, and something that I take a lot of pride in. A ton of work goes into this blog (believe it or not), from coding the new layout and settings, researching for things to come in the future, networking on other sites to get more followers, to actually sitting down and writing my own original and creative posts that are worth reading and commenting on. I do want to take a day out of the week though to also keep this blog personal, reflect on what it was originally intended for, and to keep all of you updated on whats going on here in Deutschland. So, without further ado:

True Life: I take better care of my dog than I take care of myself.

TJ had a game today that was a 6 hour bus trip. Our poor little pupper has some funky allergy going on where he is losing hair and his skin is turning pink so I had to man up and take the 75 pound beast to the vet myself. Brutus loves the vet. He smells the other animals, goes bananas, circles, pants. Its really just another walk in the park walking into the office. Not.  

Big Brutes went to the regular vet two weeks ago and was put on antibiotics, and today he went to the dermatologist. Yep, thats right, the doggy dermatologist. Have I ever taken care of myself and gone to the dermatologist to check out moles, freckles, allergies or to get a new skin cleaner? Nope. 

Anyways, the woman was great, spoke perfect English and most importantly - didn't make me feel like a dummy for being in her country and not knowing her language. Trust me, I've had run-ins with some serious donkeys since we've been here!

So, Brutus is on a four week plan - we are switching in a new salmon and potato meal and he seemed to like it tonight. We can't give him any treats (which is total bad news because I love sharing green apples and bananas with him, and he will literally wake up out of a dead sleep when I am eating one to come snack) or it will mess up the little science experiment we have going on. His test results will be back in four weeks, and the dermatologist said if his allergy doesn't clear up by then, we will put him under anesthesia and take some biopsies. 
The bloody spot is from the vet scratching for cultures.
Ugh - I have heard from others that the English Bulldog typically starts to have problems arise as they near their second birthday. Example - We know a couple who spends $200 a month on allergy injections for their five year old bully. They ended up taking out dog insurance for their pup because the vet bills were just astronomical. This is no surprise to us, we were well aware of what we were getting ourselves into as a financial responsibility and commitment. BUT - all day long I have been hearing my moms voice inside my head. When I first told her we were buying Brutus, she simply said "Kym, dogs die." 

Well no kidding, right? You always think and know that an animal will die, but for the first time today I actually felt it. I know Brutus isn't going to die over this silly allergy, but I just feel so helpless for him.


  1. Dogs die, but that's no reason not to let them into your life. My Emma, a Sheltie, is 11 years old and words will never describe the joy she brings to my life. She really is my best friend, free of judgment, unconditional love, and lots of slobbery doggie kisses!

    As she is getting older, her arthritis is getting worse and I have severe anxiety about anything happening to her (especially since I'm about to move 6.5 hours away from her), but I will never, ever regret every second I ever spent with her.

  2. Poor baby! I hate when animals are suffering like that and there really isnt much you can do for them. Will giving him a bath give him any relief?

  3. Sorry to hear about your dog! I had a Dobermann before that had similar problem..and the vet. told me that she should have been living in a warm country with lots of sun, so Sweden was not a good option for her:((

  4. @ Lauren - I hope you didn't take my post the wrong way. We will clearly do EVERYTHING we can keep our pup happy and healthy! Yesterday was just the first day that I felt completely helpless for him and realized that my time is limited with him - Bullys average about 8 years, 10 years is pushing it when they are healthy. Since we have no idea what is going on with him, it makes me quite worried to only have 6 years left with my baby! I wish the best for your pup and also for you with your move :)

    @ Heather - We gave him a bath 2 weeks ago and this is when we realized his problem was getting worse - when he's wet he looks completely bald in some spots!...Right now we are just following the "plan" - not sure if he is allergic to food, treats, new shampoo. Oii!

    Mrs. K - My parents have brother and sister Dobbies back home, I miss them dearly! Was your pups problem called Alopecia? I've been doing too much googling to try to figure out what is going on, and a lot of english bulldogs develop it in the winter when they are out of the sunshine!

  5. I dont remember the name of it but it was like when humans have psoriasis and she had more outbreaks in the winter since there was not enough sun. So i guess its the same thing?!

  6. Mrs K - I wonder if it was alopecia, humans can develop it too when they don't get enough sunshine! It looks like the irritation is beginning to go away just with a switch in his food, but I might just be too hopeful :) I've been doing a bit of research on switching over to feeding him organically and home making his food, since bullies are so prone to many different allergies....another new adventure, haha


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