January 1, 2011

HAPPY New Year to ME! (oh and you, too)

In past years, I have always resolved to give up something to start off the new year. Last year it was soda - I lasted until March. The year before it was cussing - I don't think I made it through the 1st.

This year I have decided that instead of giving up anything, I am starting off the year with a complete inner and outer body detox to rejuvenate and provide myself with mental and physical energy, and to hopefully kick-start a lifestyle change that will result in a happier and healthier me.

For the next three days I am consuming only water, 100% apple juice, and herbal tea, followed by four days of consuming only raw foods. I'm planning on hitting up the team sauna every day to help aid in the detox process and if I'm feeling up to it, light cardio. I know it sounds super drastic, but I am looking forward to starting off the new year by cleansing my blood and riding myself of harmful toxins. After the 7 days I plan on slowly re-introducing soft foods, whole grains and chicken and embracing a cleaner diet in 2011.

Mentally, I look forward to making it a daily effort to start focusing on the positives and laugh off the negatives this year. Obviously I am not in control of what life throws at me, but I am in control of my thoughts and how I react to certain situations. I am also in control of who I allow into my personal life, and this year I am taking a vow to choose my battles and avoid unnecessary drama. This week I am cleaning up my facebook 'friends' list, cutting ties with 'frenemies', and letting the true people in my life know how much I appreciate their love, friendship and support.

With the past few weeks being crazy from November on, I also need to sit down in a quiet space and map out a daily, weekly and monthly plan of action for 2011. I fell out of a routine with my day to day during the fast paced holiday season, and I need some structure back in my life to stay balanced.

I am still a work in progress...I think I will forever be a work in progress...but I believe that with the mental preparation to step into the new year on a healthier, happier, positive and more organized foot, I can fully appreciate the change in perspective that comes with the hanging up of the new year calendar.

Cheers to a happy new year :)


  1. Woot! Happy New Years.

    This is fabulosity with a capital F. Good luck! Life is crazy but you're keeping a solid head on your shoulders with this.

    How's your pooch doing?

  2. Sounds like a great idea! I really need to slow down as well and take a minute to exhale..:)

  3. Great way to start 2011! I think it'll help you achieve a better outlook and well being rather than just cutting things completely out of your life! Good luck :)

  4. Morgan - Thanks lady!! And Brutus is actually doing GREAT! Next on my agenda is figuring out a homemade food plan for him - we switched him to the salmon and sweet potato dry food and I couldn't help not giving him "treats", so I've been giving him cut sweet potatoes and cut green apples - his allergy is clearing up and his hair is growing back, just in a matter of days..so it must have been something funky with chemicals etc in his food and treats. Thanks for asking about him :)

    Mrs. K - Yes!! We all do!! Here is to 2011 -- I am coining it the year of "ME"!

    Meg - Thank you, that is the plan ma'am. Isn't it funny how turning a calendar year seems to give you a clean and fresh slate ;)

  5. Happy New Year!! How funny you are going to detox because I was JUST talking about doing that this morning. I cant wait to see how you like it.

  6. Heather - If you want tips let me know!

    Fiona - Thank you my friend :)

  7. Good luck with the detox! I don't think I could do the mental detox - my emotions often get the best of me and take over!

    Because I love reading your blog, I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. Head over to my blog to accept it: http://introvertedwriter.blogspot.com/2011/01/better-late-than-never-right.html

  8. Though I think a detox like that would feel wonderful, I completely lack the discipline to actually do it. I hope yours goes really well and that you have an awesome 2011!

  9. Good luck with your detox - I wish I had the dedication to do something like that. I had the flu, that's close to a detox, right? Keep us posted on how it goes over the next week or so!

    I clean out my 'friends' on Facebook regularly. I always feel better after. I think it's healthy to rid yourself of anyone who isn't a positive influence in your life. I only maintain relationships with people who make me a better person. The rest can ... go away!

    Wishing you and TJ all the best in 2011! Maybe we'll be united in Germany in the fall! How funny would that be?

  10. Sarah - Wow!! My first award!! Woohoo, what a fabulous birthday present :) :) :) THANK YOU!

    Joey - Thank you and Happy 2011 to you too!!!

    HW - I am incredibly irritable and tired right now and just developed a growing headache...but surprisingly the juice and tea are keeping my stomach full. I'll update about the detox tomorrow. I deleted about 150 'friends' today and it feels good :) ....and TJ and I have talked about that numerous times, he thinks its so neat that we "met" through blogging and how ironic it would be if we ended up in the same place one year :) We might need to develop a plan of action, just in case hahaha

  11. GOOD LUCK! I'm already starting to feel the effects of only eating fruits and vegetables and only meat for dinner. It sucks but it'll be worth it! How are you holding up?

  12. Hi Riley! I am good, half way through my day 2 and considering going 4 days with the juice/tea fast because I haven't really felt anything besides irritability and a minor headache. I don't really feel like I'm detoxing, though I did do a little research and prepared myself last week by cutting out carbs and caffeine, so that may be why?

  13. Such a great post and great way to start off the year!! WIshing you the best of luck.


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