January 16, 2011

Lost in Translation

I had a Facebook* status up the other day proclaiming to my little world "I just learned what a female Fox is called and I can't wait to marry TJ so that I'll be a certified VIXEN!"
Someone had too much time on her hands today....
Not ten minutes after posting the status do I get a call from one of my girlfriends here asking if I knew what vixen sounds like in German.  Ummm no, I can get through the day on basics and when all else fails, "Ich spreche kein Deutche" comes to my rescue.

So, what does vixen mean in my lovely new habitat? Bare with me here, it gets confusing -- Literally, it translates to "Erotische Frau," but the German verb that sounds closest to the English term vixen (v's are pronounced as English w's here) is "wichsen", and wichsen here means to masterbate. Sweet! So with my terrible attempt at a German accent, I would be proclaiming to everyone here that I can't wait to be a certified masterbater. Oh, Language.

Do you have any funny language stories you'd like to share?

My Google Chrome automatically translates.....HA!
Teej had a game tonight and they won. WOOOHOOO. Everyone say a little prayer that the teams streak keeps going. For real, we need it - when these games controls your life, career and future in the palm of it's stinky glove, signings have begun for next year and the season is coming to an end, you begin to sweat.
TJ during the shoot out - they livestreamed his game tonight for free! woo!

*Do any of you have a Facebook dedicated strictly to your blog? How about a Twitter? I've been considering making the jump (I actually signed up on both but have no idea what the hell I'm doing) to increase exposure and do some additional networking...but is it worth it? Is it time consuming? How do you Twitter? I'm usually on top of my internet game, but I feel like I'm lost in the Ice Age or something.


  1. Oh, I like the word vixen:)

    And I know a bunch of bloggers that have both facebook and twitter and I think they throughly enjoy it. I haven't made the leap to either. I have a personal facebook account and that already takes up too much of my time:) I've been thinking about Twitter for a long time. It really didn't seem like that big of a deal, but I slowly getting addicted to it and kind of want to sign up now as well. You can follow designers and stores and find out when they are having sales before it becomes public. I think its a good move!!

  2. hahaha.. thats so funny.. i wrote a post a while back on all of the words in Swedish that are funny, but mean normal things.. like Kiss means PEE, and Piss means Kiss! lol... I have twitter.. but it's not specifically for my blog.. it's for both. and i just randomly update what we're up to or how i feel.. and friends follow. Nothing "big dealish" :) And my FB is just for friends, but my blog posts come up on it so they can see it. :) thats it!

  3. I'm insanely jealous that they streamed the game online for free! We used to watch it like that at home when he played in North America and I miss it.
    My favorite 'lost in translation' tidbit is the word Mist. Never say it is 'misting' outside, because it means 'crap/sh*t' in German. I had a post over these a while back, there are always so many! :) PS - your foxy fox drawing is too cute

  4. I spent two months living in India for my job a few years ago. One of my offshore colleagues I was training kept telling me that he "liked my throat"...after a few funny looks, I figured out he was trying to say that he "liked me throughout"...

    Enjoy your time in Germany. I enjoy your blog, keep up the good work :)

  5. I tweet a few times per week. I'm clearly not the person to give advice!

    Nice one figuring out in advance the translation issue!

  6. I actually started to create a Facebook page but I got confused. I don't want it associated with my personal account in any way so ... well, that's where I got stuck. But I thought about it!

  7. oh my god I may hyperventilate-- your FB blunder is hilarious! I am a non-twitter-er... and I feel like between my blogs and FB people know way to much anyway!

  8. haha..oh I love those language errors:)))

  9. I laughed out loud! Sorry, I'm no help here - I have a blog (that I so rarely update it's pathetic...but I'm working on that), but only a personal Facebook acct & no Twitter.

  10. I think that my maiden name was my favorite german translation blunder... before we were married my hubby was telling some guys on the team that his fiance's last name is Penner, and they started laughing their heads off! It translates in german to:
    a. tramp, bum inf , hobo (US)
    b. (=verschlafener Mensch) sleepyhead inf
    c. (=Blödmann) plonker inf
    So apparently I used to be a plonker! hah


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