April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding...of Kym and TJ

Since I boarded the "I don't give a damn about the Royal Wedding of William and Catherine" bus a long time ago, I've decided that instead of dedicating a post about their shenanigans wedding today, I'm going to gloat about my own :o)

On Wednesday TJ and I finally got to see where we will be having our ceremony and reception! 

(Quick recap for those who are new: We got engaged on August 4th and left for a 7 month hockey season in Germany on August 7th. All decisions for our venue, photographer, and DJ were made thanks to Google searches and Skype interviews.) 

Anyways, WE ARE IN LOVE with the venue! I know I have bitched in previous posts about how the cost is outrageous, but after seeing the place with our own eyes, the stunning view alone is worth every penny.

Where our ceremony will be held

I'm obsessed!

Where our Cocktail Hour will be held

The "Southampton Room", where our reception will be held


And finally..the cliff of the mountain that our venue is located on...

Just in case TJ has any second thoughts.

April 27, 2011

Q&A with ME!

Q. Love your blog, I've always wondered how the ladies behind the men dealt with hockey. What teams has TJ played for in the states and other countries, whether it be in the AHL or NHL, etc? 
A. Thank you for the compliment! :) To answer your question, TJ signed with the San Jose Sharks in 2007, and played with their AHL affiliate in Worcester, Massachusetts from 2007-2009. He signed with the AHL Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins for the 2009-2010 season and played with their ECHL affiliate in Wheeling, West Virginia. This past season he played in the 2nd Bundesliga in Hannover, Germany.

Q. Have you and some of the other girls taken "road trips" to see the guys play and if so what arenas and what were your reaction to them? I know from my roadies in the AHL some arenas had some upsides and downsides. 
A. We were very lucky while playing in Massachusetts because Worcester is centrally located in the Eastern Division of the American League. I didn't travel often or go to many away games, but I have been to Manchester, Lowell, Providence, and Springfield. My favorite arena by far is Manchester - it has a fantastic atmosphere.

Q. What places have you lived in the states and other countries? 
A.  We have lived in Worcester, Massachusetts, Wheeling, West Virginia, and Hannover, Germany.

Q. What drew you into the world of hockey? Was it seeing a game or from dating TJ?
A. TJ and I actually met because of hockey. I was dancing for an indoor football team that played in the same arena as his hockey team, and we met through teammates on our respective teams. It is kind of something that just happened. TJ says I can say this only because "it's my blog"...but I'm honestly not even interested in hockey. I don't have a favorite team and I have asked TJ more times than I should things like "What's offsides again?", "How do you know when to get off the ice?" and "Whats the blue line for?" My roll in his hockey career is to provide him with positive support...so it's probably best that I don't know too much about the game or have an interest solely in hockey itself. 

Q. How did TJ pop the question?
A. Ah! Something that I haven't talked about on my blog before! Welp, it was mid morning on August 4th and my eight year old brother had just begged me to bring him to Dunkin' Donuts to buy him a dozen donuts because he had his first football weigh in the next day and he had to "make weight." (I include this part in the story solely because it's silly) When I returned home from DoubleD's I got out of the car with my wallet, keys, cell phone, and iced coffee skillfully balanced on the twelve pack of doughnuts. TJ opened the door to let Brutus out and yelled "BRUTUS, GO GET YOUR MOMMY!!" and I honestly got a little agitated at my fiance-to-be because I had a balancing act going on and had a 70 pound bull running at me...until I noticed something veryyyy shiny on my little bullogs collar. At this point I dropped the dozen donuts (just kidding, I added that part for irony) TJ dropped to one knee, took the ring off of Brutus' collar and asked me to marry him. I said yes, obviously ;)

Q. My question is this: When was the moment when you first knew you loved your fiance? Or even when was the first time you said I love you to each other. I know this may be too personal (and you don't have to answer if you don't want!), but I love hearing those kinds of stories! Thank you!
A. Oh no, this isn't too personal of a question at all - I just wish I  knew the answer for you! I didn't experience one of those 'OMG I just met the man I'm going to marry" or "love at first sight" moments. I kept a guard up for a while for all of the reasons that a girl would be weary of falling for a hockey player - our relationship definitely developed and evolved over time. We got an apartment together eleven months after we 'officially' began dating, and said 'I love you' at some point in between - but I'm certain that love wasn't anywhere near what I feel for him today. :)

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April 26, 2011

I would like to thank the NHL Playoffs for being so boring...

For without you, I wouldn't have been alongside TJ at 12:30am half sleeping/half internet stalking investigating when I received a Paypal email notification...followed by another one...and another one...and another. x8.

Remember my Paypal Email Scam post a couple of weeks back? I felt confident when I published the post that something like that wouldn't happen to me. Oh yeah? Well guess what - this girl got hacked. 

When I received the first email, "Receipt for Your Payment to Syed Ali", I brushed it off as Spam -- but when I received another one a couple of minutes later I immediately snapped out of my sleepiness and logged into my Paypal account to see if this was really happening.

Yep, it was true - the money was being sent every 2-4 minutes in $10 increments, and it wasn't stopping. I quickly called Paypal who eased my mind, froze my account, and submitted investigations within 25 minutes of the first unauthorized transaction.

Luckily the person who was doing this was only able to withdraw $80 before my account was frozen - but my Paypal is linked to my checking account as backup, which means after the $40 that was in my Paypal was sent, it started automatically withdrawing from my bank account. I've been so freaking proud of myself for depositing most of my waitressing money into my bank account the last four weeks since we've been home from Germany, that I can only imagine the frustration, anger, and tears that would have been shed today if my $750 bank account was completely drained when I woke up this morning. 

So, thank you to the NHL and Versus - without you, this girl would be broke.

The man I spoke with at Paypal coincidentally just experienced something similar with his personal bank account and he brought up some helpful information that I'd like you to think about, too.

How many different passwords do you have and how "strong" are they? 

Because I am clearly an ignorant person and never thought that someone would actually try to hack me, my Paypal password was not only super simple, but was also my Yahoo and Facebook passwords, too. Stupid girl.

This is such a pain in the ass to sit down, do, and remember - but it is imperative (especially when your finances are at stake!) to have a different password for every online account and identity that you own. From Facebook, to Blogger, to Yahoo, to GMail, to Paypal, to Twitter, to your online banking and credit cards, etc. The man at Paypal explained to me how easy it is for hackers to [for example] hack into your email account, obtain your password, and then just try out that email and password combo at Paypal. He believes this is what happened in my situation, but assured me that the person who did this will be found, I will be reimbursed, and that a federal fraud case will be opened. 

So needless to say, the majority of today was spent coming up with 10+ ridiculous passwords that I have to remember/no one will ever guess. I hope that by passing on this information to all 250+ of you, at least one of you will learn from my mistake.

April 22, 2011

Satin and Bustles and Lace, Oh My!

Maggie Sottero's designs are absolutely everything that I am looking for in my wedding gown. The gowns are very luxe and glamorous, but most importantly they are affordable! I honestly love every dress on the Sottero website  - even the dresses that aren't my particular style or personality are incredibly elegant, sexy, classy, romantic, and timeless.

I am sooo looking forward to going dress shopping again next week!! While I haven't found 'THE ONE' yet - my gown will absolutely be ONE of these four Maggies! 





Help me choose! Which one is your favorite? 

April 5, 2011

Wedding gowns, aisle 7

I understand that this is last months news, but I was living under a rock in Germany when it was released here in the States that Costco was adding a full service wedding boutique to their stores. Complete with rings, flowers, cake, invitations, and the honeymoon - now you can even purchase your wedding gown at the wholesale discount club.

Has your jaw dropped? Mine did! Take a look for yourself:

Now feel free to call me a pompous bitch if you wish, but there is no way in hell I would ever purchase a 'quality, couture-inspired wedding gown' at the same place where I can sample pigs-in-a-blanket and then check out at Register 9 with a 24 pack of toilet paper and 50 pounds of kitty litter.

Personally, I think that the total experience of finding that perfect dress is one that I will remember for the rest of my life - and it certainly doesn't involve me modeling my gown in the three way mirror with shopping carts filled by gallons of milk and extra large jars of pickles being pushed around behind me.

Don't get me wrong, we are planning our wedding on a budget, too, but there are plenty of other money saving options out there that I will be scoping out besides purchasing my gown at the bulk-buy grocery store. 

What do you think? Would you or have you bought your wedding gown at Costco?
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