May 2, 2011

Sweaty Summer Hair I heart.

Au natural is here to stay (for the summer, anyway.) 

While most of us can't afford to have someone do our hair and makeup every day, I am fairly confident that all of us can pull of what I would like to call an effortless and "hot-messy'do"!

Heidi Klum
{Create a messy shell bun, twist the end around the pony holder and secure with bobby pins.}

Kristen Bell
{Let hair air dry then tease your roots at the crown. Keeping a bit of height (no Snooki poofs, ladies!), secure the very top half of your hair with bobby pins while letting a few pieces in the front frame your face.}

Blake Lively 
{Texture and tease your hair then pull it into a very messy French twist and secure with bobby pins}

Jessica Alba
(Part your hair down the center and create two braids on either side of your head. Pin these braids into a low ponytail or bun pulled in the back.}

Uma Thurman 
{Wrap sections of hair around a curling iron to achieve a curly texture then pull hair into a loose and low pony tail while allowing a few pieces to fall and frame your face. Finish by braiding the pony tail and securing it with an elastic.}

Do you have a "hot-messy'do" hair technique to share? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Ah, I love Heidi's and Uma's look!!! xxx

  2. I love these cuz I hardly do my hair in the summer! Awesome finds!

  3. My hot messy-do technique is forgetting to shower occasionally because I am in finals zone, then finding a random hair tie and making a pony tail. I call it the "Vaguely Disgusting Grad Student." All y'all jealous of my skillz!

  4. I love these..I am growing my hair out and can finally get a samari style pony in my hair (haha!) and can't wait until it is long enough to do something so pretty like these hairstyles!

  5. i love all of these hairstyles, especially blake's. of course, i feel like when i am not even trying i can accomplish the perfect not-trying-but-actually-did-try messy hair, but whenever i try to pull something off it looks redic! gonna invest in some more bobby pins and try some of these out!!

  6. LOVE messy summer hair, it is my specialty...or maybe just messy hair is my specialty :) I have been loving the soft 'sea dried' waves lately. Sexy, but not too over done (if I do say so myself) lol. I want to see pics of your new hair do!! I bet it looks great

  7. Ugh, I couldn't do these if I tried. I'm challenged. Even the messy looks wouldn't look so perfectly messy. But I have figured out how to use a diffuser and I HAVE to text you a picture of the results. OMG, you'll die. RAWR!

  8. Messy hair has always been my favorite!!! And for some reason, I've never noticed your 30 before 30 before. Great list!!!


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