June 8, 2011

Eating Up to Slim Down

Since meeting with my trainer last week and sticking to my 6-meal-a-day plan, I'm already down 2.6 pounds. WOOOHOOO! 

I am usually not hungry for my first meal until about 10am, but then it's full steam ahead every 2-3 hours. I've agreed not to give my meal plan away, but what I'm basically doing is eating certain combinations of select food groups, and upping my protein while lowering my sugar intake. 

TJ and I went to GNC last week to purchase new supplements and protein. I am currently taking Fish Oil, Biotin and Prenatal Vitamins, and my protein God send is:
CytoSport™ Muscle Milk® Light - Banana Creme

I was super weary about buying a banana protein, but it was on sale for $16 {compared to the regularly priced $36} so I went with it. Let's just say, I'm in love. Once you go banana, you never go back to vanilla...or something like that?

I've let TJ take a sip, my brother take a sip, my sister take a sip, and we all agree - it tastes like a Banana Laffy Taffy. Protein that tastes like candy? SOLD!

I mix two scoops every morning with frozen strawberries and a little water to make strawberry banana smoothies, I mixed two scoops yesterday with a sugar free raspberry frozen yogurt for a protein packed treat, and when I want a late night snack I mix one scoop with a sugar free Jello chocolate pudding. MM MM good!

Have you discovered a healthy new food, supplement, or great tasting treat that surprised you?


  1. That is so awesome you're sticking to somethind seeing results! Story of my life is I DONT do this LOL!!!! Good luck! And glad you found it in a tolerable, and yummy flavor!!!

    **Thanks for your comments about taking stuff like this in my luggage! I honestly have been thinking about that lately and trying to just use up things I have like shampoo/conditioner, and not buy new for fear I will have an entire suitcase with this crap in it!!!! You rock :-)

  2. I swear by protein powder! It really does work and definitely makes your muscle tone more defined. I used to drink Muscle Milk when Jeremy drank it a couple years ago (it was the collegiate kind) but now have switched to a different kind from GNC. It's AMAZING! I was soooo skeptical that it would make me gain weight, but I used it all the time last summer and was probably the skinniest then that I've ever been! I have stopped using it since trying/getting pregnant, and my arms/legs are definitely not as toned :( so it's gotta be from that! Glad you found a yummy kind that you like... sounds like it would mix great with smoothies!! I find myself "discovering" all kinds of delicous new healthy foods lately... but I think my tastes are just finally starting to grow up. haha :)

  3. Good job on your weight loss! I am glad you are lovin the new protein shake (I still think banana sounds a little scary).

    Keep it up,


  4. Banana laffy taffy? SO GOOD! I'm totally going to have to try this.

    (Also, total sidenote: You?! Lose weight?! You're crazy, you're already smokin'! But congrats on the continued successful plan to get fit!)

  5. Sounds yummy. . .I am always weary of protein shakes but maybe I should finally give it a try? Do you drink/eat/combine it every day, even on days that you don't work out (in the case that you don't work out full force 7 days a week?). Think it would finally stop my cravings? I feel if I don't get my daily chocolate fix, I can't survive, but I need to lose some weight desperately.

  6. This sounds delicious. I have totally gone down the path of weight gain since my wedding and ridiculous stress. This sounds delicious, and I got into a good habit of making smoothies and totally dropped the ball on this once I got super busy. Now that summer vacation is coming around this sounds like this banana protein and strawberry smoothie is worth a try!

  7. I just told the hubs that I wanted to buy muscle milk and he said, "hun, that's for people who work out." BURN!

  8. Good for you on your weight loss! Feels great doesn't it!
    I use protien powder as well..would like to find one a little lower in cals though..how many calories per scoop is this one?

    I mix my vanilla protien powder with Trop 50 orange juice...tastes just like a orange creamsicle!

  9. that's awesome about the weight loss! keep it up :) and i am dying for a strawberry banana smoothie now!!


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