June 19, 2011

Inspired by YOU! Sunday L♥VE

I apologize that I am a bit late with this, but here is my list of beautiful, inspirational and motivational blog posts published by some of my favorite Blog Authors this past week. Check them out and remember to leave a comment if you have another favorite to share. Happy Sunday!

Kassi at My Road to Mrs. announced that due to the Wallow Fire, she decided to move her wedding date back an entire month. She certainly reminded me to not sweat things that are beyond my control during our wedding planning process. I'm praying for your area, Kass!

Vic at A Cup of Frecks posted a super cute and informative video of how she makes her daily iced coffee. She finally made me realize how easy it is to make my own cup 'o joe, and that my daily $2.63 is really adding up at the end of the week!

Ash at After 9 to 5 wrote an AMAZING piece entitled 'Living Outside of The Internet'. She made me realize that I don't need to update my blog every.single.day, and that taking some time away will inspire and motivate me to create more...for you and for me!

Sam at Sam I Am published the thought provoking question Have You Been Grateful Lately? Well, have you?

Katie at Love is Everywhere posted an adorable photo collage of her younger years - when she was dancing her tush off and living fearlessly. She certainly inspired me to create a similar post in the future :)

Ashley at Ashley Plus 3 wrote a really funny post answering a question about SEX! I've often considered testing my writing limits here at Travel Babbles, and she may have convinced me to be a bit more open with my content...anyone have a dirty/weird/inappropriate question they want answered? ;)

Lindsay at Scenic Glory opened her new Scenic Glory Shop this week! Go check out her beautiful creations!

Ashley at Eisy Morgan published a step-by-step tutorial, complimented by beautiful photos, of how to carve a watermelon for your next summer BBQ. 

Nancy at Style 'n Decor Deals found an awesome 1 year subscription of Woman's Day Magazine for only $3.94

Victoria at Garden of Eden Designs published a super cute post with all kinds of funny photos - she encouraged me to not be so Camera Shy and to start adding more personal photos to Travel Babbles.


  1. I love this idea, featuring other bloggers. Great idea and I love to read them all! Great post! :)

  2. Excited about more Kymmy photos! You are fab <3

  3. $2.63? My daily drink is between $4-5.50! Stupid Starbucks and their overpriced (but super yummy) drinks.

    I really like this feature. I stopped by each one last week to check them out - loved the GFC post, by the way. She's so right.

  4. such a brilliant idea to showcase people who have inspired you with great reads this past week :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing Kym!!! And thanks for the prayers girlie!! :) GREAT list yet again! Off to read more!

  6. I always love who you include in these lists. :] Happy to be a part of it, too! Thanks so much!


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