July 1, 2011

What would you do if the internet disappeared tomorrow?

A couple of weeks back I bought both TJ and myself our own individual Kindles. I like to think 'long term' {and like to keep my fingers and toes crossed, too} that we will be in Europe for the next few hockey seasons. It only made sense to purchase the Kindle 3G+Wifi, which works globally. 

Tuesday night TJ and I were discussing how he still owed me an iPod for my birthday back in January, and just for S+G's, I decided to log onto Apple to see how much they were selling for. Well hot damn, Apple is now selling the iPhone 4 UNLOCKED!, so that the phone can be taken anywhere in the world and used with any carrier. I-HAD-TO-HAVE-IT!

But...did I?

It took me over an hour to justify my purchase. 

We won't have to buy an international phone plan, I can just pay $2.99 a month for Skype and use it on my phone.

I can finally use the GPS running app that I can't get on my Blackberry.

TJ was going to get me an iPod anyways, I can basically have an iPod PLUS a super cool phone, all in one.

I broke my camera, this phone has a 5 megapixel camera with a flash! woo!

Well, long story short, I made the purchase. I treated myself. And I've felt like kicking my own ass for the past 48 hours. Did I really need an internationally accepted handheld computer megaphone?

The answer is yes.

But do you remember what life was like before the internet and cell phones? I most certainly do...and I can acknowledge that I was far more productive in my personal life before both became an every day necessity.


I'd like to question why we've allowed ourselves to become so dependent on computers, cell phones and gadgets for information and social activity, but I truly can't imagine what our world would be like without the technology that is available right at our fingertips....

If the internet disappeared tomorrow, I would have far more time to enjoy my favorite crafts and photography, I'd read more books in print, I'd journal more often, I'd hand write more letters and cards, I'd enjoy more lunch dates, I'd become more aware of my surroundings, and I'd have more time for ME.

What would you do if the internet disappeared tomorrow?..
And why are you allowing it hold you back today?


  1. I'd go crazy! Now that I stay-at-home with the kids this is how I keep connected to the world and have "adult-conversation". I love that I can journal our lives, keep track of my friends, and drop a few lines to friends, too.

  2. I'd probably be a lot more productive & creative, but I'd also spend more money!

  3. Oh my, so very true.... I agree that I probably was way more productive before we had the Internet... on the other hand, it's so much fun! I wouldn't write this message to YOU if it wasn't for the Internet :)

  4. Ohh, might have to pick your brain about the Kindle. Think I am getting one for my birthday coming up :) Great idea! And if the internet ended tomorrow, I wouldn't really be that upset. It would be nice to have real, face to face time back :) Just call me old fashioned! And stop taking pictures of me while I am in the stall. K? Thanks :)

  5. Totally agree that sometimes it does feel like a burden. But it's such a great way to keep in contact with loved ones that you wouldn't be able to otherwise, especially in your situation living so far away. I'd survive, but it would be suuuuper weird going back to just calling people up to find out what they were doing!

  6. This is so true. Myself and friends always laugh about back in the day when you couldn't be late for anything as you couldn't just text. The good old days of using public telephones and of actually reading more often and being more verbally social!! Great post :-)

  7. Good thoughts Kym! That bathroom pic cracks me up! There really are people like that! :)
    If it disappeared tomorrow my job would go out the window... So that blows. We sell fixed asset software through the internet... The rest I could do without. And eventually we would find another way or another job. But it's crazy how it rules our lives these days!
    Don't feel bad about getting the phone. That's what technology is for. To make life easier. Even if we depend on it a little too much sometimes.

  8. You will LOVE the iPhone. I have the 4 too and it is great!! I hear what you are saying about the internet and all of us being too connected!

  9. I would have a hard time adjusting but I think I would be okay. And I think it would be a welcomed change, to be honest. Harder to swallow when we're in Europe, because without Skype it'd be hard to keep up with family but ...

    We would just be back to making friendships work the old fashioned way - phone, letters, and quality time together rather than stupid f-ing Facebook messages. I actually hate that. It's like people think Facebook = Real Life and to me, that is pathetic. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways that social media has changed us.

    There are a lot of GREAT things the internet offers ... but there are a lot of not so great things too. I generally feel that for ME, the good outweighs the bad, but I wouldn't protest it if big brother wanted to take it away from us. Like you said, more time for my family, my friends, reading, traveling, etc.

  10. You know what? Those are perfect reasons :D iPhones are seriously amazing ways to communicate and so great if you use it like that because then you won't have to worry about making calls overseas. And, me? I would DIE without internet. right now I am clinging with shoddy internet in Jersey and just barely surviving. Horrible, right?

  11. Tonight at dinner, Leah said: "That's why I love e-mail. I can keep in touch with everyone during the week without actually having to make time to see them." I almost died. And then I thought of this post! So that's Leah's take.

  12. I think I would just curl up like a ball & died! Can't live without the net.


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