September 8, 2011

How To Be Confident from 9 to 99

Amaze Yourself:

"I feel my prettiest when I'm doing gymnastics. I really like my arms and legs for being strong and helping me push myself up into handstands, perform on the balance beam, and finish my dance routines. I also like my heart because it's full of love."
Cece Poli, 9

Refuse To Be Invisible:

"Ten years ago I was working as a TV reporter when I got into a serious car accident. As a result, I now use a wheelchair. I first blamed my legs for not doing everything they could before. But then I realized that my body was what got me through all of the surgeries and allowed me to survive. I learned that my injury will never limit what I can achieve. So much of feeling beautiful is self-acceptance—the wider our definition of beauty, the stronger we become."
Stacey Kaye, 36

Own The Room:

"Confidence has nothing to do with what you look like. If you obsess over that, you'll end up being disappointed in yourself all the time. Instead, high self-esteem comes from how you feel in any moment. So walk into a room acting like you're in charge, and spend your energy on making the people around you happy. Giving confidence to others will come back to you and you'll end up feeling better about yourself."
Marian Seldes, 82

Treasure Your Heath Every Day:

"Your body is your instrument, and you have to take beautiful care of it. I do one hour of yoga and walk for 30 minutes every day. You really enjoy life a lot more if you're healthy. And I never leave home without putting on lipstick—it makes me feel pretty!"
Esther Tuttle, 99

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  1. Such a great post. I feel like I need to read this before leaving the house every day.

  2. Awwww I love this post - especially the last one :) All such great reminders!


  3. I saw this some time ago and LOVED it! How great of a reminder to enjoy every day at every age :)

  4. This is a beautiful post, every woman should read!


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