October 21, 2011

The 4 Year Foxiversary.

What a lame title, right? 

Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary and we celebrated it with a yummy sushi dinner. 
Laughing over silly memories and taking ridiculous photos followed. I said a while ago that I wanted to start sharing more personal pictures here to make my blog a bit more....uh, personal? Trust me when I say these are the best out of the impromptu shoot yesterday. But this is us, bloggy friends. Day in and day out. Til death do us part ;) 
We followed up dinner by coming home, laughing on the floor with Brutus about what a terrorist devil dog he was in our first apartment that he wasn't allowed in, and ended the night with the Jersey Shore Finale + Reunion. Pure romantical bliss? Obviously. 

Happy Friday friends. Remember to hug someone you love today. 


  1. Happy Anniversary! LOVE THOSE PICS!!! :) And. . . I know what I want for dinner tonight.

  2. Yeah! We don't see enough KY pics :) Can I just start refering to all my anniversaries as Foxiversarys?? It just sounds snazzy. Happy Anniversary to you and TJ. Hope it was great, and with all that sushi, how could it not be!?

  3. :) Sounds like our latest anniversary.... haha. Happy Anniversary girlie!

  4. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! The pictures are too cute :)


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