October 14, 2011

Words For The Weekend | Kindness

I challenege you this weekend to perform just one random act of kindness. Pay for a strangers coffee, send a handwritten note in the mail, put a coin in someone's expired parking meter, give blood, rake your neighbors yard, hold the elevator, send flowers to your favorite grade school teacher, donate used books to your local library, give a compliment to your waiter or waitress, let someone go ahead of you in the check out line.

What goes around comes around and kindness is contagious. 


  1. oh, this is lovely. Thanks for the reminder to pay it forward!!!

  2. totally about to do it now. i'm going to help my husbands grandparents in the car. i hope others who read this will do the same!!
    xo TJ

  3. What a lovely and inspiring challenge!! I will think about this I think... do a nice thing :-)

  4. Kindness is the best accessory!! Love this.


  5. Hello there. Thanks for commenting on my blog, meant a lot to me.
    Have an amazing day!!


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