November 29, 2011

And Then I Decided To Stop Blogging.

I laid in bed last night and declared to TJ that I was going to stop blogging. 

"I mean really, whats the point? I have so many more important things in my life to be focusing on right now than publishing blog posts."

I frequently receive e-mails from people asking what I do, and what they can do to make their blogs grow. Many people don't understand the investment of time and creativity that goes into maintaing a blog. Trust me when I tell you that "followers" don't just stumble upon your blog and stay. I have invested hours, days, literally months of exhausting work into Travel Babbles, and for what? While I do make money off of this blog, I promise you that the work involved is not worth the paycheck.

I didn't begin Travel Babbles a year ago with the intention of writing for an audience. I began writing for myself and for my family. While the success of this blog over the past year has been humbling, it has also been very stressful. I have put a lot of pressure on myself, every single day, to be a "good" blogger, and what this has resulted in is me no longer writing for myself, but writing to please others.

What use to be a very fun and creative hobby for me now just feels like work.

I was about 99% set in my ways to close up shop today until...

TJ reminded me that I truly do love my blog. And I've put so much work into it. And some of my very best friends are people that I've met through blogging.

He made me realize that it's not so important to get a post out every day at a certain time. And I don't need to blog 5 days a week. And I don't need to sit on the computer 5-8 hours every day writing, editing and networking. And how I truly do love and appreciate the relationships that have been formed because of Travel Babbles. And how flattered I am when someone takes the time to write to me expressing their gratitude for a certain post that I've published where I invested my entire heart into my writing.

He reminded me of, you know...the important things. Thank you, Thomas J.

So, I've decided to stop blogging every day. 

And throughout December I'm going to check in just once a week with updates. I need to reorganize my priorities and remember why I started this blog in the first place. Recently I have felt like some of my posts are not coming from my organic self, and this is clearly reflected when I do not receive feedback on such posts. Why publish posts if no one wants to read what you have to say? My most read and commented on posts are the ones where I let my soul shine through and where my readers can relate to what I have to say - I need to get back to that.

I hope that before the start of the New Year I will regain my balance in blogging, grasp the creative spark that I once enjoyed feeling while maintaining Travel Babbles, and start producing quality content that reflects ME once again.


  1. I think all bloggers understand where you're coming from. I think it takes a strong person to realize that something isn't "right", stop, reevaluate, and take a different path.

    I respect you :)

    Hope you find that path soon

  2. Good for you friend! I think you should only do it as often and as much as it is making you happy. We for reals need to hang soon!

  3. Doesn't it just feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders? Haha!

    You're so right Kym. To run a successful (or profitable) blog, you have to invest an exorbitant amount of time ... and even money. You have to hook your audience and keep them entertained. It takes true talent to produce thoughtful, well written post after post after post.

    I've struggled with the same thoughts lately. I love my blog, I do. It's a true labor of love. And while it's important to me that I keep my readers engaged ... it's also important to me that my content is unique, meaningful, honest, and not just ... random shit ... just so I can say I posted something. I refuse to go that route. And recently, I've gotten to the point where I'd rather say nothing for a month than give my readers fluffy crap.

    One of the things I love about your blog is that your content is unique, it is meaningful, and it's honest. And more importantly, it's grounded in reality. This is why you stand out. I don't stop by Travel Babbles because I love you. I stop by because I always want to see what you're going to write about next, what inspired you today, or what reality check you might serve me.

    You always keep me entertained. And I look forward to your weekly-ish posts.

    Keep on keepin' on girlfriend. Loves.

  4. This is exactly why I haven't blogged in over a month! It's not because I don't love it - because I do. But because I haven't been inspired. It's a hard road, blogging, but I really do admire you for sticking with it - that's stronger and much more fun than stopping!

    Can't wait to be along with you on this journey! :)

  5. I think the important thing with a blog is that you decide what YOU want to get out of it. And recognize that your purpose for your blog can and will change over time.

    When I started blogging in 2001, all I wanted was a medium for a blog where I could see my thoughts and write them as fast as I could think them (i.e. not a handwritten journal). Over time it became discussions with others, then finding like-minded people, and it's evolved into a mix of everything that is my life that I want to share.

    I personally think the money-for-blogging method is a bit stifling and counter-productive. Write to enjoy writing. Talk about what you want to talk about, even if it's not the most polished piece of writing.

    Far more enjoyable that way - and yes, I think it brings better responses.

  6. I'm glad to hear that you aren't going to stop completely. While I can only comment on what I've seen, it's pretty obvious that you have put a lot of time and effort and love into this blog. Doing something you love shouldn't feel like a job, and you shouldn't feel pressured to constantly put up posts just for others. You're right in saying this blog is for you and your life is yours. You have the right to prioritize your life however you want, and blog only on subjects you love to blog about, and that's the way it should be. Kudos to you for not being afraid to say it and do it, and the followers will all understand that. Good luck!

  7. You know, this post spoke straight to me. I have had these feelings so many times. I do NOT make money with my blog and it is a 'creative' outlet for me, but like you sometimes it takes up way too much of my time. :( Thank you for this post.

  8. I wonder why your stressed. Oh yeah...getting married, new job, recent move (all I know from your blog) and the self imposed pressure to keep up your blog! I truly enjoy reading your blog, I hope you continue but sometimes it's best to take a step back and remember why you started. Best wishes with your decisions.

  9. this post was written beautifully girl. and it is just so true! we really do invest hours on end into our blogs that we already see it as a business instead of a hobby, or something that we did for family and friends. although i really do enjoy blogging every day and reading everyones sweet comments and emails, i really am going to start being better at remembering the importance of my own blog and why i started it. have so much fun spending more YOU time and getting back to the basics! :)
    xo TJ

  10. I totally understand and feel the same way! The pressure having to post every single day...and then the amount of blogs you read and comment on to build relationships only to not have them come over and say hi as is exhausting and so time consuming, but, then again, it is also a lot of fun and I just love meeting new people and connecting with them! I would hate to see you go, so, please, pretty please, stay, even if it's just occasionally!!!
    Hugs xxx

  11. Well said girlie! I for one would be super sad to see you quit blogging. I'm all for a realignment of self and blog though! Write for you Kym. Not us. We'll still be here. ;)

  12. I feel like quitting every day! And when I posted once a week, I started to run out of mojo. So I post whenever I have the urge so that my posts seem more organic, like you said :) I can completely relate to this post. Just blog when you feel more inspired. You'll feel much happier about it <3

  13. I panicked today when I saw the name of this post come across my twitter feed today, knowing I would have to wait a few hours to read the actual post.

    I am relieved to find that you are not leaving me! :)

  14. Good for you!! So glad you're not going to stop blogging completely :) I truly enjoy reading your posts, but understand the stress, time, hard work that goes into making your blog successful and grow. I'm glad you shared this with us!

  15. Oh Kym I could have written this post myself! I often feel the same way. Especially during stressful times which I'm currently going through right now. I do love my blog with all my heart though and I get so much enjoyment and fulfillment from it. It's just that sometimes it gets overwhelming and takes up too much time. The blog/life/work balance gets tricky from time to time.

    Glad you've decided to slow down a bit. Take a step away and hopefully the break will do you good. We'll be here whenever you're ready :) xoxo

  16. Im glad you havent decided to stop completely! I love reading your blogs! Not to mention you and TJ having picture blackmail wars on Twitter are hilarious. We all understand and you are a busy girl! We will appreciate the blogs as they come! Its all good and enjoyable reading! ~Jamie

  17. I'm glad your not completely done with blogging. I love reading your blog, because it's unique and different. You should write for you and not just cause you "have to." I dunno how you find time to do it all to be honest! I barely have time to sleep, let alone running a blog like you do. Keep your chin up and post when you want too! :)

  18. Such a true and well written post - I think you hit the nail on the head and I respect you for your decision!

    It's a constant struggle for me not to fall into the same trap with my blog, although I don't think I have (yet) - but my blog's still small and relatively new. Sometimes when life gets in the way I only post 2 or 3 times a month and while that used to bother I've realised that my relationship, my job (which pays most of the bills) and taking time for myself is more important than trying to grow my blog quicker than everyone else out there. I really make an effort to only post when I have something that I genuinely want to post about.

    But in the end I think it's a personal choice, and I'm glad you're taking time for yourself to fugure things out!


  19. Sitting and writing, for the pure joy of creating posts that people will like reading, well, it's turned into a gotta-do, crunch time thing...for me, over the past few weeks. I haven't blogged much and the guilt is hanging over my head. As far as I'm concerned, feeling obligated to throw out a post isn't why I started writing.

    I so agree with you, and others, in maintaining a balance and keeping perspective while taking a step back. a very good thing!

  20. This is great! i have tried to blog only every so often but I'm glad you are doing this!!

  21. Some wise words there Kym. I have had a bit of a break from posting lately (having catch up of favourites today on a day off) and I have actually missed it! I have missed my inane ramblings and thoughtful posts. I love writing fun posts and such. I definitly feel that once you find the fun again, blogging will become exactly :-) Good luck in finding your blogging self again! X x

  22. The blogging community can be overwhelming and there is a whole lot of competition going on. It's hard to not get pulled into this and try to stay true to oneself and remember why we started blogging in the first place.

    I think you're approach is just right - take a step back, take a break and then start again. This is usually how we gain perspective and a new outlook on what we do on our blogs.

    I'll look forward to your posts - whenever you feel like posting something!

  23. I agree with what was said above, I'm so glad you have decided to keep blogging. I have come to really enjoy what you have to say and have been inspired by a lot of what you have put on here.

    I can't imagine how stressful it must be to keep up a blog like yours and hope that your time off helps you get back to the place you are searching for!!

  24. Aw, I'm glad you've decided to stick around!!

  25. Well as long as you arent going to stop, I am happy!

    I know how you feel though. Sometimes I feel a little pressure to get a post out just because and then I worry if the content was even worth sharing.

  26. I have been feeling this way for more than a few months. I actually, at one point, did shut my blog down. But I missed it so I came back. I really barely blog anymore. And it makes me sad, but I seem to be in a bloggy rut, and I cant find my way out of it. And when I do post something, I rarely get any feedback anymore. But its okay, cause I rarely give feedback to other bloggers anymore either. I think its okay to take a bloggy break. You have to just blog what you live...dont live to blog! =)

  27. I totally understand. I think most everyone will. It is a good idea to slow down a bit. If it isn't fun, then it's not worth it. Too much work for it to be a pain!

  28. How am I just now seeing this?? I guess I have been a slacker blogger too. I am so with you on this on KY. I am at a once a week pace right now, and even that isn't working. But like you, I have learned to let go. One solid year of good blogging, and I think I am ready to hang up my TGN writing as well. But you know what, the best part about blogs is that it is still there if you ever feel like coming back. And I will always still be here no matter if you blog or not! (wait, that wasn't supposed to sound creepy!, lol). I will still enjoy your weekly updates, but am even happier about the fact that you are giving it your all in 'real' life. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't have found you through bloggyland! :)

  29. I totally respect your decision to do what your doing with your blog. If you blog just to go through the motions then it losses it's purpose. Like yourself I want my posts to be more than just words thrown on a page. I post about every three days and I sometimes find that even a challenge.

  30. I really feel it's way to easy to be sucked into blogging, and to make everyday posting an aim. Sometimes I get focused on readers than the the things you started blogging for in the first place! I think your decision is a wise one!!

    Really nice to meet you by the way! It's super cute! :D

  31. i agree with you, blogging does eat up a lot of time. and true that it doesn't become enjoyable anymore when publishing a post becomes work. it is okay to take a break and be reminded of the real reason why we blog in the first place. :-)

  32. I completely feel you. I use to feel obligated to blog EVERY day and then I decided to stop. I only blog when I have something I really want to share or document in my life.

    I love your blog and your bullie! I have one too!!

    Newest follower!! Looking forward to reading along even if it isnt EVERY day!!

  33. Love you Kimmyyy!!! I really appreciate all the hard work you do - and I know how much hard work it is! My 3 have fallen to the wayside while I've focused on school, work and had a nervous breakdown or two. But I do love it - and you are amazing! Don't forget it! :D


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