November 15, 2011

Brutus Blogs | My First Day At Doggy Daycamp

Mom and Dad had some errands to run yesterday and instead of leaving me at home to sleep they decided to drop me off at my first day of PetSmart Doggy Daycamp so that I could play and meet some new friends.

I was very intimidated when I first walked in the door - no one likes to be the new kid!

Luckily everyone was very nice and there was a trained employee in the room with us who remembered all of our names. She would call on us if we were acting too rowdy and tell us to calm down.

Guess what? I got to play with another English Bulldog named Polo! He was a great guy and I hope he comes back next Monday so that we can play together again. It's tough for me to find friends in our apartment complex because I am so much bigger than the small breed dogs but so much shorter than the large breed dogs - sometimes it's complicated being 14 inches tall and 84 pounds!

The best part for Mom and Dad is that they could have left me there to play with my friends for up to 6 hours for only $12 bucks, but they were definitely a couple of softies on my first day and picked me up after only 3 hours because they missed me.

Even though I was having so much fun, I was very happy to see my parents at the door when they came to pick me up. As soon as I saw them I ran right to the door with a big smile on my face, and I was ready to go home.

Mom said since I had a star shining Pawgress Report that I can go back next week. Yippie!

Dog Ciao,
Brutus Baxter-Barkly


  1. That is SO NEAT!!! I wish our girls had some sort of doggie day camp to go to while we're gone and they can't come along... LOVE his little progress report! Yay for Brutus and his new friends! ;)

  2. Awww Brutus! Great job on your first day!!! Good job to mom and dad as well! Seriously it was only $12 bucks?! I don't think my little Maltese Max would have such a good report back if he goes. Poor thing has a complex haha.... But I love this post! Good job Brutus!

  3. That's where Max goes when we have to board him! We love the PetSmart Pets Hotel...but of course next time he goes he will probably have to sit out from the play area since he can't see :( He always gets good reports from there too...and I ask if they are nuts! Hahaha :)

  4. Aww - hi Brutus! I'm glad that you had a good first time at daycamp! Bet your Mom and Dad missed you, and were just as happy to take you home!

  5. I love Petsmart. That is where our dog has grooming, vet (check out their health plan; transferable, great reminders), and pet hotel.
    We do have to go to Petsmart sometimes just for a treat to show him it is not all bad.

  6. So adorable! Glad you had fun Brutus.

    Kindness is the best accessory,


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