November 8, 2011

A Handmade Holiday | The Ultimate Guide To Handmade Gifts

NEWSFLASH, FOLKS! Christmas is less than 50 days away! Can you believe it?

If you're like me and don't want to give in to the commercialism of Christmas - and would much rather spend time instead of spend money this gift giving season - I've done you a favor and compiled 21 quick, easy and thoughtful handmade gifts that you can give this year:



  1. I love these! - Especially the peppermint chocolate-dipped marshmellows - delish! Definitely going to use some of these :)


  2. Oooh that's a nice list. I love to bake so I think doing a little labor of love by baking goodies for people close to my heart.

  3. I love these! The three girls I nanny for made the snowmen ornaments with me this weekend We will make the reindeer cookies in a couple weeks. I had been searching for something to make with them that wasn't too difficult. Lots of other great ideas too!


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