December 15, 2011

SANTA'S Official Reindeer Live Feed!

Hi Bloggy Friends! Life has been super busy in the world of me...I'll be updating soon...but for now I wanted to quickly post a fun website that I just came across...

This site is perfect to share with a young child, or if you're like me - still young at heart :)

Make sure to check in every night at 5pm EST as Santa goes live to feed Dancer and Vixen. 

How are your preparations for Christmas coming along? 
Are you finished shopping?
Have you finished decorating?
What's your tree look like?
Anything special on your Christmas List this year?
Is this a "first" Christmas with your baby, hubby, etc.?
Leave comments and links to share below!


  1. Ive been reading for awhile, but never commented. Figured I would this time. Love the website. I sent it to my sister who has 3 small kids! Also, this is my first Christmas with my husband! So excited! Merry Christmas!

  2. @Chelsea - Isn't it the cutest? I called my 9 year old brother last night and gave him the link -- he called back 5 minutes later ecstatic because "The standing one went over and gave the laying on a big kiss!" It melted my heart :)

    @Valerie - Welcome and thanks for the comment!! Ohhh this is going to be such a special Christmas for you! I am excited for you! Let me know if it feels any different, this is our last Christmas before we're hubby and wife :)

  3. That is such a great idea! I will have to show it to my kids!

  4. That is so fun!!! :) Thanks for sharing!
    Hmm... Christmas shopping is almost done. I have a few more projects to finish up for gifts, then I'll call it good.
    Yep! First Christmas as a married couple! Not the first one with the hubby... this will be our fifth Christmas together!

  5. Haha that website is great! This year actually is my first Christmas with my boyfriend, but I dont get to spend it with him because my family and I are spending the holidays in the Florida Keys... whatta bummer, right? ;)

    Merry Christmas!

  6. I kind of wish they had these types of things when I was little:)


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