February 14, 2012

A Sweet Reminder | For My Bridesmaids

I am very anti commercial gift giving.

But I do love handmade, thoughtful gifts. This past Christmas I sent individual mixed CD's home to my family with songs that express how I feel about them and the special relationships that we share. To me, the CD's were simple but meant so much more than any giftcard or store bought item that I could have sent back home.

Fact? This is my 5th Valentine's Day with TJ and not once have we "celebrated" or even acknowledged it. I don't like flowers...the die. I don't like chocolate (ok, this is a total lie, I love chocolate. But I tell TJ to not buy me a box because I have no willpower and I'll eat the entire thing in one sitting)...I'll get fat. As cheesy as this sounds, every day is like Valentine's Day for the two us...we don't need a special day to say "Oh yeah! I love you!"

Fast forward to the point of this post...there are a little more than 4 months left until I marry TJ and I wanted to send surprise packages to my other best friends who will be by my side on my wedding day. My girls. The ones who I don't see or say "I love you" to every day. The girls who know my pre and teenage secrets, the girls who I first experimented with boxed hair dye with, who remember my funky teeth before my braces, and the girls who have continually been by my side while I've been on this rollercoaster of a hockey life that takes me from one city to a different state to another country multiple times a year. I love you girls.

What are YOU doing for V-Day? 


  1. what a sweet idea! im sure your friends had a huge smile on their faces today! 
    -ash xo

  2. Too cute Kym! They'll love that.

    I was planning on cooking breakfast for dinner. Heart waffles. Heart eggs. Blah blah blah. Then two of my hubby's teammates showed up at our door and told me they were here to babysit Linden. That Matt, always keeps me guessing! ;) We had a great dinner and were home by 8pm. Now I'm waiting for my bestie (aka you) to sign onto Skype!

    P.S. Are you alive?

    P.P.S Happy Valentine's Day. Love you long time.

  3. What a thoughtful and fun idea! I bet they loved it! Happy Valentines Day! :) Oh, yeah... Saw your tweet... Bet the flowers from TJ were lovely! ;) 

  4. I  love that you did this! Super sweet :) I bet they were thrilled. We don't ever give gifts for VDay either (although I'm aware that you might have actually gotten something from that sweet boy, hah). I like presents for anniversaries, birthdays and x-mas. And even at that, take it easy, commercialism. Hope you had a great one and that you are feeling better!

  5. What lucky ladies!! And can we talk about how perfect your handwriting is:)

  6. so adorable! you have such a great blog! id love to swap buttons if you have one! contact me through email if you'd like :)



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