April 9, 2012

Oh hey.

Remember me?

Probably not.

Well, I'm Kym, the super slacker author of this blog and I'm just checking in to let you know that I'm still alive.

It should come as no surprisereally, that I haven't been very happy here in Texas. When I get in unhappy moods I tend to focus on multiple "things" to keep my mind busy - unfortunately blogging wasn't one of them. I could sit here and ramble on about all of it, but since it's already been dragged out for months of my life, I think I'll just choose to be cryptic and focus on the good and happy instead!

Wedding day prep is in full force. We're in the double digits now, people! 89 days today to be exact.

The menu has been selected, the invitations are addressed, and my gown has arrived at the bridal store in Massachusetts. TJ's bachelor party is set (yes, I do have very vivid images of him showing up at our wedding rehearsal with a black eye. And a tiger.), and my bachelorette party is planned, too. My girls have their dresses, the boys have their suits, and we finally found someone to marry us - which only took close to forever, because everyones sister's brother's uncle's cousin had to select July 7th, 2012 to get married. 

Oh and we changed our honeymoon and saved $5,000. What? Yeah, I'm not kidding. 

Our honeymoon suite at Sandals St. Lucia was priced at $5,400. We put $400 down back in June to reserve our room. We obviously still owed a big chunk, with a due date of May 15th. Tack on round trip flights from Boston and we're talking $7,000+ for 7 nights of our life. 

Why did we ever think that was a good idea? .... anyone? .... Bueller?

So, I decided to do some research and scored 2 nights at the Boston Hilton in an executive suite, roundtrip airfare to Mexico, and 4 nights at Live Aqua in an oceanfront terrace suite for a grand total price of....wait for it....$2,807.64. 

Yep, I'm the woman.

Other than that, there really isn't much to report. I leave Texas on April 17th, with our without TJ. His team is currently in the playoffs and he's been playing great!! I'm so proud of him!! It's a best of seven series and they are up 3-2. With games 6 and (hopefully they don't need to play) 7 on Tuesday and Wednesday, this week is going to be very exciting and exhausting. Dare I say it - I'm actually excited to watch hockey?

But I'm more excited to go home :)




  1. Annahita JimmersonApril 9, 2012 at 5:08 PM

    wow! that's an awesome deal for your honeymoon - jealous! 89 days, so exciting and SO soon! :)

  2. It's probably weird to anyone else reading this but I have to tell you, I totally have a "Kym Gets to Go Home" countdown going! I'm sure you had one of those for me last season, eh? Anyway, I'm super excited for you to get home to your family and friends, and to hear about all the wedding craziness! ... And GO TJ GO! Loves yous.

  3. Welcome back! Love your engagement ring...is it custom?

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog
    follow me

  4. I can totally relate to living where you are not happy.  New Jersey was my pure hell if truth be told!  My hubby did actually get a black eye a week before our weeding.  Don't worry it went with the balls spot the walk-in hair dresser cut because her boyfriend was going to Afghanistan and was slightly distracted. I am that women with the Honeymoon as well.  La Jolla CA,  Nevada and Arizona all under $2500.  I hope when go home to MA you have a large Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee and breathe! As all will be better soon.

  5. Yeah! We kind of got wrapped into the whole Sandal's thing...I'm so glad we took some time to do a little research. SO soon is right! It's only been a longggg 2 year engagement, I can't believe wedding day is almost here!

  6. I literally wouldn't have made it here until April if it wasn't for you!!! You owed me ;) hahaha. Hopefully we will be on the same time zone soon and I won't have to wake you at 3am with WhatsApp messages. Liebe <3

  7. Oh Goodness. If TJ had it his way he'd probably try to rock a sweet slick back for the wedding haahaha!! "Go Stasia!" for finding an awesome deal like that for your honeymoon! I love finding great deals :) Oh you better believe I will be hitting up the first New England DD we spot!!! 

  8. Glad that you get to go home so soon! April 17th is RIGHT around the corner :) And then TX can be behind ya'll. Tell TJ to keep playing as good as he has been. And hope the team keeps doing good....especially since you won't be waiting around to watch it either way anyways, lol. Hope you've been well! And month long hiatuses are way underrated ;)

  9. Wow that's great that you saved that much money! All the trips to MA and back won't seem so taxing!

  10. YAY!  I cant believe you are that close to the big day!  Way to find a deal for your honeymoon.  Ive been talking with my bf about wedding budgets and its all so overwhelming and for one day of our lives.  I think when we do get married, we are going to do a long weekend honeymoon to say some cashola. 

  11. FINALLY, right? I've only been counting down for 22 months, hahaha ;) Heather, we went back and forth for MONTHS, thinking about just canceling our venue and doing something small, running away to a small island and having just the two of us, etc etc just to save some money. We finally just stuck with what we initially wanted b/c we've been away for so long that it will be a nice way to get everyone together that we haven't seen in 2/3/4/5 years. If you need any help don't hesitate to ask!! xoxo 

  12. Yeah! An unreal amount of $$ and I'm really happy with our decision, the Live Aqua is really modern and I feel that Sandal's is kind of commercialized now that we've changed our mind. 

  13. Hahahahaha you're too funny Linds. I hope you come back to blogging with a brand new TexaGermaFinla_____Nadian ;) xo Looking forward to it!! 

  14. Sweet score on the honeymoon!!! :) Did I ever tell you we didn't even go on one... Yeah, talk about cheapos. HA! We did just buy a house right before so I guess that gets us off the hook for awhile... But we will go somewhere... someday! ;) I'm sorry you've had a rough few months friend. I really am. Girls can be caddy and mean and time away from home is really hard! Glad to hear you're going home! Here's to happier days ahead!!!!

  15. GOOD work saving so much  money on your honeymoon! I think your new plans sound just as amazing... I'm a bit jealous :)


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