June 4, 2012

Monday's Mantra

This time last year I was a hot mess because TJ hadn't signed a contract yet and it felt as though everyone else in the whole entire (hockey) world had. I am that girl who needs to know what's on the agenda six Tuesdays from now, so the uncertainty that has become a major part of my life is still something that I am trying to get use to, even embarking on our sixth season together. Yes, I measure our years in seasons.

TJ had an offer come in last week that ended up just not working out, and I was okay with it. "Don't reel your first bite when fishing across the pond", I say. Planning the wedding has definitely channeled all of my thoughts into positive ones (even if I temporarily morphed into bridezilla yesterday), so I've been very go-with-the-flow this offseason. Right now my focus is on finalizing the details and meeting my groom at the end of the aisle on July 7th. If an offer comes in between now and then, it's just an added cherry on the sundae. 

One of the many things that I am grateful for in meeting The Fantastic Mister Fox is that in being with him and living this lifestyle I am forced to realize, sometime daily, that I'm not in control. It's scary but it's also very exciting, especially when we're on the adventure together...and isn't that what it was always about to begin with?

What's your mantra today?


  1. Gosh, I know the feeling. Not about hockey of course, but I hate "not knowing." I like planning..! Good luck... I hope you guys know something soon.

  2. I thrive on planning and being in control....but sometime's I need a good kick to remember that I'm never in control and God is! xoxo

  3. This sounds too much like me =)  My bf just finished playing junior hockey and it took him FOREVER to decide what school he was going to attend.  I couldn't handle not knowing where he was going to end up next season! 

  4. Haha! Best of luck to him and to you! :)

  5. Your wedding is going to be here so soon!  Very exciting!  Hope an offer comes soon and that it is a better situation for you than TX was!

  6. Guess I didn't pay attention when you posted before - July 7 is my parents anniversary, this year makes 33 years for them!  Here's to hoping that when my parents are celebrating #66, you'll be celebrating #33!


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