June 27, 2012

Our Wedding Invitations

We sent our invitations out the first week of May with a June 1st RSVP. Following suit with our Plane Ticket Save The Dates, I continued on with invitations fashioned as vintage postcards. Our wedding website is hosted by WeddingJoJo.com and it offers online RSVP - we chose this option instead of traditional mail-backs, which proved to be a really great choice for us since we don't have a permanent address. WeddingJoJo consolidates the RSVP's and meal selections into a spreadsheet that can be printed out to cross-reference with all of the seating charts and other important guest-related papers that I have to fill out for the venue. The postcard invites were saved as a PDF and printed out at Staples on my own linen cardstock which I purchased in bulk from Paper Source. I purchased the cute Kym & TJ stamp from Rubber Stamp Champ and the vintage stamps were purchased from Etsy

Ten more days until the big day! The mix of emotions (excited-annoyed-pissed-excited-fuckit-imoverthis-excited-nervous-iquit-excited) that I'm experiencing while finishing last minute details are unreal, but I'm mainly excited and I can't wait to marry my best friend and party with our family and friends! 


  1. Maureen ChurgovichJune 27, 2012 at 12:26 PM

    ah! I LOVE these! My post today was on our wedding invitations - we also went with a plane ticket style (for the invite, not the STD like yours).  I'm obsessed with all the stamps - just a great look all together!

  2. So cool! Send me the link so that I can see! When is your wedding? Congrats! xo

  3. Can't believe you are down to single digits (well, tomorrow, at least). So excited for ya'll, KY!!

  4. These look great!!  I cant believe how close you are! SO.EXCITING

  5. I love them!!!! They fit you guys so well! Ten days?!?! Well, less now... So exciting! 

  6. Wow your invitations are absolutely beautiful!! I love them!


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