July 26, 2012

That Day We Got Rejected To Be Pet Parents

Isn't she a cutie? Her name is Cloet (pronounced Chloe) and I was rejected to be her adoptive fur mama. While I'm not completely shattered and torn over the situation, I am upset over what caused my big fat ... 

When TJ and I began talking about getting another dog we both agreed immediately that we wanted to adopt a bulldog. So many people purchase this breed and don't realize the amount of time and money that go into keeping these pups happy and healthy. Many of these pups, like Cloet, end up being dumped at shelters, so we knew that when the time came for a second bulldog that adoption would be the route that we would take.

Along with my $10 application fee I had to give our basic information and answer quite a few questions. The adoption organization wanted to know how we would handle Cloet's skin allergy that requires two allergy baths a week and $80 in pills each month. No problem, Brutty is on allergy meds and has to take special baths, too. I'm clearly very familiar with English Bulldog issues so I'm pretty confident that I can handle French Bully problem as well.

The organization wanted to know about our living situation. They wanted to know if we rented (...ummm, nope) or owned (...errrrr, nope), how big our backyard was, if it was fenced in....you know, all the important questions to ensure that Cloet would be going to a good home. 

Well, let's see....how do I explain our living situation - We lived in Germany a year and a half ago and recently spent seven months in Texas. We left Texas in early May, spent two weeks in New York, lived in Massachusetts for two months, we are currently back living in New York for a few weeks but going back to Massachusetts in early September for a couple of weeks before moving to our new hockey home.

Did anyone follow that?

Needless to say, we got rejected because we don't have a permanent residency. 

As I said above, I'm not heartbroken. I know that I'm a good fur mama and care for Brutus as if he were a real living breathing child (yes, sometimes I do have to wipe his bulldog butt), but I'm so irked over this situation. 

Baby fever has slightly been kicked up a notch since the wedding (PS did you see my bff's announcement? Go check out her blog post and send her some congratulatory love and wishes!) but I keep thinking to myself...if an organization is going to reject me from adopting a dog because of my lifestyle with no permanent home, should I wait for some stability to bring a baby into this crazy (hockey) world, too?


  1. This makes me so mad! There are so many animals out there that need good homes. I realize the "interview" process for prospective pet parents should be thorough, but they should take into account your REASON for not having a permanent residency. So sorry you couldn't take home that cutie!!

  2. Awww Cloet is such a cutie pie!! Being rejected for "no permanent home" is a punch in the gut. I mean c'mon if they asked Brutus about his family life I'm sure he would say he wouldn't have it any other way! Hahaha I'm a nerd. But it does hurt a bit that you are unfit to take in another pup when the one ya got now is very happy. Hopefully you and TJ will bring home a playmate for Brutus even if it's the four legged kind ;)

  3. Oh she is cute!  Hopefully you will get another chance to adopt a dog!  Sorry this didn't work out.  When are you going to do some wedding posts??????

  4. It is definitely so frustrating.  When we adopted our dog Bauer a few years ago we had to go through the same thing.  Fill out the application, short interview with the worker, speak on the phone with the woman who was fostering him, etc.  It was a little less intensive because we went to an adopt-a-thon being held at a local ice rink where there were 200-some dogs and cats, but I was still there for an hour going through everything.  Thankfully we do have a permanent address where we live in the summer, so we were able to get him.

    While I understand that they want to make sure that every animal has a safe and happy home, a permanent address doesn't guarantee that.  My husband and I spent the last season heading an animal initiative with our last team, and I was at the humane society volunteering at least twice a month.  Every animal turned in/returned came from a permanent home with a big fence around the back yard.  It should be more about the people that adopt them than the house they will live in.  The fact that you have a knowledge of the breed, a love for them, and the financial means and willingness to care for their needs should be a bigger factor than just having one home, in my opinion.  My dog was shy to the point of hiding from people when we got him.  With our lifestyle it forced him to constantly meet new people and learn to adapt to new places, and I can't imagine he'd be the happy, outgoing dog he is if he'd been shut into one house with the same few people around all the time.

    And don't let this affect your baby fever.  I too am there and have never spent more than 1 season in the same city over 7 seasons.  Just think of all the kids in this life get to experience and learn in some of the most critical years of their development.  While I'm sorry your application got turned down, I'm confident that you'll be a great mom, if this blog is any indication of the kind of person you are.

  5. OMG. Cloet is so stinkin' cute! Can I adopt her? Just kidding ... if you guys got rejected, we'll definitely get rejected! It's so funny to think that we can't have a pet but we can have two kids. Just know that you and TJ would have made great fur parents to her, for sure. And we'll hope she ends up in a great permanent home soon.

  6.  Thank you for your kind words Rachel :)

  7.  Everything happens for a reason! ;/ Wedding posts will be coming soon, my photographer finally gave us a few sneak peek photos! :)

  8.  ;/ I keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason. Thanks Sarah <3

  9. Aw I'm so sorry you aren't going to be Cloet's mom :-( I think you should have been able to adopt her! She is such a doll baby!

  10. Well, I get it I guess... They want her to have a stable home... But with you guys and Brutus you are his home... Wherever he is with you IS home. But that's too bad.... It will be the same with a baby girl. Lots of people move all the time and as long as you're always there for baby Fox to be, that's all that matters. 

  11. Wow. that is some bulldog shit right there! i'm so sorry---what a bummer

  12. Lady- so sorry to hear of your "rejection". I know you two would be fantastic parents : ( Hopefully, a new puppy is in your future soon. We just added our 2nd chocolate lab to our family and it has been great. 


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