September 26, 2012

Tuesday Night

So my Tuesday night looked a little like this:
  And a lot like this: 
 TV Lineup:
5:00-8:00: Friday Night Lights
8:00-9:00: The Voice
9:00-9:30: Go On
9:30-10:00: The New Normal
If you ever listen to one bit of advice that I provide here on 'le blog,
it is to follow THIS recipe and do not ... I repeat NOT ... alter it one bit!
I have made this sweet and sour chicken three times.
The first time I followed the directions, the second time I tried to get fancy,
and last night I went right back to the original directions.
It is amazeballs. I promise. Try it. Tonight. 
You won't be disappointed.
Are you scratching your head wondering why the heck I am watching 
Friday Night Lights?
Yes, I know it debuted 5 years ago.
Don't judge.
We prefer watching one epi after another after another instead of waiting week to week.
So, we're currently obsessed with Friday Night Lights.
We just started Season 2 and I never want it to end!
What are you loving on TV right now?



  1. Hi from the blog hop (:

    It looks like you had a good night, the chicken looks really good! I think I might just try making it soon!

    Happy Wednesday!

    xoxo Heather

  2. My hubs and I do the same thing! We actually just caught up to this season of Sons of Anarchy & luckily we're able to purchase the first 2 episodes on Amazon Instant Video. Whenever we watch seasons of a new show, we become OBSESSED. My husband introduced me to FNL a while ago and I still love it. Who's your favorite character?

  3. Oohh! I'm definitely going to make that chicken soon. Looks delicious!

    I'm also trying so hard to catch up on Grey's Anatomy right now. I'm like 8 years behind on that, but I've finally made it to season 6 so I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

  4. I feel horrible for saying this but I LOVE anything on BRAVO!

  5. I was thrilled with the premiere of Modern Family last night! Can't get enough of that show. Hubs and I LOVE Netflix and the ability to watch episode after episode too! Right now we're watching Parks & Rec and True Blood. Both great shows! Love your blog!


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