September 11, 2012

Welcome To One Of My Favorite Places On Earth

This space that I have created on the internet is very special to me. 
No matter where I have been in this big old crazy world, for the past two years,
this blog has been my home.

If you're a new reader here then you don't know any different...
but when I started this blog I started with intention and I started as a space called
Travel Babbles.

It was my space and it was unique.  
It was where I anchored my roots, and it was where I met one of my best friends. 

For various reasons, at one point I felt the need to switch directions and "re-brand" to xo, Kym....and even though xo, Kym has my name in it, it was never really "me". 

Somehow, I lost my voice and purpose in keeping a blog.

This switch back to Travel Babbles feels right. 
It's a crystal clear reflection of who I was, who I am, and who I aspire to be. 
Since making this decision, my creativity has been flowing. 

Travel Babbles has me excited to write again. 

I'm eager to go back to what my original intention was when I started this blog...which was to share the beautiful life that I live...and trust me, I do find beauty in the ugly.

This blog has often been filled with half truths of my real life. I've kept a filter on...mainly because people who come here know who I am, and they know who TJ is.

I don't hide my identity here, and sometimes that makes me feel's like I have to go out of my way to hide certain parts of who I am or what I'm experiencing, out of fear for how the people who know us in "real life" will respond.

As hard enough as it is trying to grow up and figure out who you are, 
when you make the decision to open up your life to the world by keeping a blog, 
it can make it much more difficult. 

I'm constantly changing, constantly evolving. Some of my views today are different from the views I had a year ago...a month ago...yesterday...but here they are, in black and white, for the world to see...forever.

It can be both weird and inspiring to look back at old posts that I have written. 

Sometimes they make me cringe.

It's kind of like when you look at an old photo of yourself from high school and you think, "Why am I wearing that? And what was I thinking with that haircut?!"

Some old posts have been deleted from my new space. I have decided to delete them because I don't need them here anymore. 

It's a blessing to be able to think back to such times in my life and realize how much I've far I have moved on from being that person who couldn't move forward until I "wrote it out".

Those changes are the very things that make me a better person...wife...sister...daughter...and friend.

A couple of the posts that I have deleted from here actually received the most feedback and comments than any other post that I have written.


I like to think it's because they were real life.

Real life is relatable...and real life isn't always pretty. In fact, real life has been really, really ugly to me lately...but if I can formulate my feelings and frustrations into something that makes a connection with someone who lives halfway across the world...then this blog is serving its purpose.

While I hope that my blog also serves as a source of inspiration for many, I also want it to be true reflection of who I am.

I love where I am right now...and maybe I won't next week...

but from now on I'm living and writing in the moment, 

and I hope that you'll continue on this journey with me.


  1. glad to have you back!!!! <3

  2. Lol this post definitely answers the question as to why my saved bookmark xokym didn't work! Lol I'm lagging in the blog reading department so today was the day I could catch up. Now to bookmark this one ;) can't wait to read more blogs. Kudus on the Orlando adventure!

  3. Welp this answers my question on why the xokym link didn't work haha. I'm lagging on the reading of my fav blogs. Congrats on the Orlando adventure :) can't wait to read your future posts :)

  4. Well, XO to you, Kym (see what I did there? LOL) and I am glad to be apart of this crazy ride called life!! :-) I definitely can't wait to hear about how crazy fun life will be in O-Town (I'm now thinking about the boy band. Oh childhood.) <3

  5. Hi Sarah!! Thank you so much for stopping by from Aunie's, and thank you for your sweet comment! Isn't it wonderful to finally find your voice?? Enjoy your new blogging adventure. xoxo

  6. Hi! I found your blog through Aunie Sauce and love it!

    I wrote on a different blog for about a year and just last week started a new one. It's much, much more me and feels right. Love that you followed what you believed :)

  7. Aw Travel Babbles... always a favorite. No matter what you call it. ;) Glad you're doing so well friend!!!

  8. So glad that you are happy, that's all that matters! And as long as you are happy and writing from your heart then us bloggers/readers are happy too!
    Welcome back travel babbles x

  9. so happy to have you back at it with travel babbles! & happy you are happy! here's to new beginnings! xo

  10. so excited for this new chapter! love you kym!

  11. Dawn {The Alternative Wife}June 5, 2013 at 2:46 PM

    So well said, Kym! Welcome back home where you're comfy. Missed you and glad you're back! :) xoxo

  12. So happy that you're back! I've missed Travel Babbles over the past few months. Love you!

  13. Well said! Very excited that you claimed back what others tried to take away! Can't wait to read about your adventures!


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