October 14, 2012

Just Throwing It Out There.

I love when I write raw posts like the one below, 
but then I feel boxed in.
I can't really go from writing about something so serious
to then write about glitter, rainbows, and sunshine,
ya know what I mean?
So here is to burying the last post in the archives
and looking forward to what's next, whatever and wherever that may be.
This weekend my plan is to finally return all of the wonderful
e-mails, comments, Twitter and Facebook messages that I have received this week,
(can I just say that I have the best blog followers friends ever?)
and to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging self on Monday.
What are you up to this weekend??



  1. I feel like I do the same thing with my blog! One second I'm all puppies and rainbows and sunshine, and the next I have deep, thoughtful, and sometimes pessimistic posts. That's what I think makes a blog good, though. It allows the reader to understand the author as a person, instead of just this fantasy person who is perky and happy all the time.


  2. Kym,
    Thank you for posting that quote/picture. So true and exactly what I needed today. Story of life. Hope you and TJ find a new place for him to play soon. Until then enjoy your time back home.

  3. Thank you for posting that quote, it is so true! I hope you have an amazing weekend!!!!

  4. Just as life has its ups and downs so do our blogs - true reflections of who we are! And our readers love and appreciate us for it. Thinking of you special girl, and i hope each day gets easier and easier and your smile gets bigger!

  5. My heart felt for you when I read your post about TJ's position with the Solar Bears. It is such an unpredictable journey but know that many are thinking about you guys. Sending you good energy and vibes that something wonderful will come again soon!

  6. Stopping by from Messy Dirty hair. I love that picture about the past!

  7. That picture is an awesome reminder of starting a new chapter...YOU.GO.GIRL! (oh and T.J. and Brutus, too)

  8. I was sent from dirty messy hair.
    And I feel the exact same way! but all posts are welcomed by me :)

  9. I need to be better about this. Writing real, honest, raw posts. It's too easy to write about the good stuff in life!


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