November 2, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Seriously, have you been into WalMart or Target lately? That Christmas shizz has been out for at least two months now. Thanksgiving always gets the decoration shaft, and as a January 2nd baby, I feel for Turkey Day.

Anyways, enough about me - I came across a really neat deal last night that I just had to share with you all!

TJ and I are finally going to send out Christmas cards this year (because it's only going to be our 6th Christmas together...I think it's about time, don't you?) and I've been internet investigating for a great deal on fun designs.

Did you know that I never pay full price on anything when I shop online? Well, I don't.

I finally found what I was looking for at and I think you'll be happy with this sweet deal, too - $50 worth of printed products for FREE? Fine!

Here Is How It Works:

( offers 5% cash back at Minted (and hundreds of other stores) - I can't promise you that they will offer the cash back if you're using these shop credits, but it's definitely worth a try!)

1. Sign up for an account at by clicking HERE.
You will automatically receive a $25 shop credit to your account.

2. Immediately click HERE and enter your sign-in information.
You will receive an additional $25 off discount code.

I really like the card with the map, you can customize it to wherever you're currently living...and I also really like the ones with glitter...and I also really like just about every other card on their site. Happy Shopping, and beware: Minted sucked me in for two hours last night, so I hope you have nothing else to do with yourself today.

Moving on, what are you up to this weekend? Besides checking out the fabulous blogs and shops on my sidebar ---------------------------------------------------->

I'm still unpacking (shocker?), and I'm still sleeping on the floor. A day in the life of a hockey wife, right? Hi HW

I'm also off to the hair salon (yes, again) because I darkened my hair the other day and I'm currently rocking a red solo cup halo. Actually, I've been rocking a hat, but underneath that hat is red hair. That shizz needs to get fixed, pronto. I think shizz is my word of the week. You should probably use it.



  1. We were thinking about sending out cards this year also! Hopefully we do :)

  2. I got my Christmas cards in the mail 2 days ago!! Can't wait to send them out. :)

  3. Wow that is great to know, especially since we'll be doing our wedding invites soon! Thanks for sharing. Speaking of shopping online, I have finally committed to a wedding dress... If I buy it in store I pay more AND it'll take 3 months to get here. If I buy it from their online store, I'll pay less (even with shipping costs) AND have it in 2 weeks. How does that make sense?! Love online shopping!

  4. Oh my gosh! This is great. Thank you so much for sharing. Once I'm not at work (where I shouldn't even be reading your blog right now as it is) I'm going to check this out.

  5. Oh, I may have to do this! I've been entering all the Tiny Prints and Shutterfly giveaways floating around, but I'm not having any luck. Thanks for sharing, Kym!

  6. What a great deal! I will definitely try this out! Thanks.

    Following you via the Friday Chaos hop.

    You can find me here at Hurley Love

  7. I just ordered mine. They came out to $4.00 with $7.95 in shipping for a grand total of $11.95.

    I was SO excited. Thanks again for sharing!!

  8. wow this is totally what I am using!

  9. That title made me happy! I am in full on Christmas mode. I feel bad that Thanksgiving gets shafted, but I can't help but jump on the Christmas band wagon. That is definitely a sweet deal for cards. I never pay full price, but free is even better!


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