December 19, 2012

The Fifteen Faces Of A Bride

I've been sorting through 900+ wedding photos over the past few days, 
trying to organize and piece together a nice album and video montage. 
A few of the pictures have stuck out to me because our photographer captured the many emotions that I experienced on our wedding day, as well as some of the many faces that I make on a daily basis.
And because I have nothing else to offer you today in terms of a blog post, I hope that you enjoy looking at some photos of me looking like a complete dingdong.
The Fifteen Faces Of A Bride
The "There Better Be More Where This Came From" Bride

The "You All Totally Just Saw My Boobs" Bride

The "These Girls Keep Poking My Butt" Bride

The "I'm So Nervous I'm Going To Pee" Bride

The "I Laugh When I'm Nervous" Bride

The "You're Stuck With Me Now, Sucker" Bride

The "Duck Face" Bride

The "Why The Hell Did We Pick Such A Long First Dance Song" Bride

 The "I Cannot Believe She's Telling This College Story" Bride

The "Oh Great, How Am I Going To Explain This One Later" Bride

 The "Great. Now He Needs Some Water and I'm Laughing Again" Bride

 The "Thank God You Fixed That Situation" Bride

The "Of Course I Still Love You, You Asshole" Bride

The "We're Married But I Don't Trust You To Not Slam That Cake In My Face" Bride

The "It's Very Painful To Try And Look Sexy" Bride

What's the ending to that quote, "If you can't laugh at yourself....."??


  1. Everyone should have a cake slam picture!

  2. This is adorable!!!

  3. Absolutely Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us Kym 😊

  4. Absolutely Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us Kym! 😊

  5. Hahahaha! You look gorgeous in all the photos, Kym! And I love the captions that you put on each of them. Laugh out loud funny!

  6. These are great! I get married in February, so I took special notes of these :) You look beautiful!

  7. what a cute idea...I have so many candid wedding day pictures where me, my husband, or one of my bridesmaids are making the most priceless faces haha!

    love your dress btw!

  8. Haha, these are hysterical!! But hats off to your photographer for capturing all these "faces"!!

  9. ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! These look right out of a magazine! Can you send me the email of the winner from the contest again? I emailed her, but haven't gotten a response. Want to make sure she gets her winnings ;)

  10. This is awesome! LOL The pictures are amazing by the way!


  11. those were great! :) you were a beautiful bride! I am 99% sure I had the same bridesmaid dresses in a different color too, we have really good taste. :)

  12. Kym,
    Love your captions (and pictures of course lol)! I'm sitting here laughing my butt off!

  13. Hey new friend! Just randomly hopped over here somehow and I read this post-- cracked me up! There are SO many different/funny facial expressions in my wedding photos too. One of my faves is during the best man's speech--- I looked slightly mortified for a second ;)

    Happy to be following along!

  14. I just popped over here from LIY- gorgeous dress and pictures! Congrats! I just got married in August and I love seeing wedding pictures!


  15. Love these photos and faces! I had the exact same thoughts during our first dance... It seems like forever! Beautiful dress, beautiful bride!

    Love, The Skinnys

  16. Visiting from Erin's blog, and LOVING this post. So. Funny. I'll be getting married this year, and I'm sure I'l have some faces for the books (...blogs) in my pictures too!

  17. Love your bridal pics! You looked fabulous on your wedding day. :)


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