January 3, 2013

20 Things You Should Know About Me

As a reader of my blog, you are a big part of my life. I vent to you, I include you in our celebrations, I spill my secrets to you and I give you advice. You're basically my best friends, whether you like it or not, and if we're going to be best friends, then I need to fill you in about some of the (sometimes weird) things that make me, me:

1. If we don't have guests over, I pee with the door open.
2. I freakishly love popping pimples.
3. I read magazines from back to front.
4. I'm usually dressed in yoga pants - it's like I'm working out all day, right?
5. I only wash my hair twice a week.
6. I've self diagnosed myself with ADHD - I have the attention span of a walnut.
7. My favorite 'meal' is lettuce and blue cheese chunks slathered in Franks Red Hot.
8. I have the best conversations with myself while I'm driving.
9. I'm a junkologist - I get tingly while digging through thrift stores and yard sales.
10. My closet is color coordinated.
11. If I eat ice cream at night I have nightmares.
12. I never match my socks before I put them on.
13. My "pet name" for TJ is Charlie.
14. I Google the end of movies while I am watching them.
15. I drink the juice out of the pickle jar.
16. I'm a freebird on my blog and Twitter, but my Facebook is under lock and key.
17. I can put both of my ankles behind my head, a'la human pretzel.
18. My eyes are blue, green and orange.
19. Gel toothpaste makes me gag. I can only use paste.
20. I sleep sideways if I'm in bed by myself.

So, my dear bloggy friends, what do I need to know about you?
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  1. I actually did a similar post yesterday! How perfect :) Great minds...

    ...I can say a number of these statements about myself too. Specifically #1, 3, 5, and 16. I knew there was a reason I like you :)

    1. PERFECT timing eh!!

      Your #14 made me laugh, I can totally relate!!

  2. Kym, thanks for the laugh.

    Since you shared...

    If I get fast food like McD's I'll eat the fries first and then the burger. Always.

    If I don't have anywhere to be, I love my hoodies.

    My eyebrow was caused by getting hit in the head with a baseball bat as a kid.


  3. Vic, I totally eat my fries before my burger! Haha!

    I smacked my sister in the head with a baseball bat once (total accident, the bat ricocheted off the ball lol) ... all she ended up with was a major purple egg. Maybe some brain damage, too ;)

  4. Haha- most of these made me laugh out loud! :) I'm totally jealous you can get away with not washing your hair all the time. Mine is literally greased to my head by the end of the day- sick! And I live in yoga pants as much as possible, sadly they don't fly in the office!

  5. Okay weird not so weird seems we have #10,15,19 & 20 in common. Odd but true just ask D about my toothpaste issues. In my younger days the kidsister and I would even hang our clothes on hangers to match the color of the outfits. I still do that sometimes but it wigs Big D out. I never read a book without reading the ending first. #8 Is unfair cause I think eveverone qualifies for that one. I personally do my best crying in the shower.The thing I like best about you? You make me laugh. Not many people have that magic that and you put up with me.

  6. I rarely shut the bathroom door, even when people are home. My roommates love it. How I wish my favorite food was something like lettuce, cheese and hot sauce. I could eat as much as I wanted and never feel guilty.

  7. I never match my socks either! The only time they match is when they're brand new! I get picked on for it all the time!

  8. Hahaha - i too read magazines from back to front. Apparently only super cool people do that so I guess that means we rock?

    I too have shared a few things about myself today :-)

  9. That lettuce sandwich you makes sounds interesting! All you need is to add some chicken to make it something I would eat. I think many people pee w/ the bathroom door open. I never close mine (since I live alone)!!

  10. I also read magazines from back to front! It drives my husband bonkers. And I'm jealous of your flexibility! I can barely reach my fingers to my toes. :)

  11. I also sleep sideways. Reading interesting facts about you makes us know you even more!

  12. I am the same way when it comes to Twitter and Blogging vs. FB. Why is that?!

  13. You're so funny!

    Ditto on the pimple popping. It's so disgusting, but I love it. Pickle juice is amazing, and I too Google movies while watching them. And then I get mad at myself for doing it. Makes total sense.

  14. You should know that we should BFFs because by the looks of things, I am {almost} as freakishly weird as you!

    Thanks for the laugh this morning :)

    Lacey @ And They

    Call Me Mommy

  15. This list is actually utterly impressive. I think I'm going to try extra hard to come up with a list like this. I absolutely KNOW there are quirky things in my life - I'm POSITIVE. I just can't ever remember them when I need to. Maybe I'll start keeping a list. I'm stopping by from Living with Yellow - I think I might have to stick around for a bit. Happy Friday!!

  16. Nice list! I don't really feel surprised by many of these... Except for maybe the favorite meal one.... That just weirds me out... hahahaha

  17. My closet is color coordinated too! My family makes fun of me, but I can't do it any other way (it's also arranged by sleeve length but we don't need to get into that haha).

  18. These are quite interesting facts...Many I do, but a few are interesting ;) I always forget my "habits" until someone points them out. Haha

  19. If I could get away wtih only washing my hair twice a week, I most definitely would!

  20. GAH! I freakishly love popping pimples too!!!

  21. Hi- I'm a new follower from the linkup! Loving your blog & can't wait to read more :) Hope you have a great day!

  22. New follower from the linkup... Girl, I think we may be soul mates haha.. I also freakishly adore popping pimples, and I am obsessed with pickles/pickle juice! Can't wait to read more! :)

  23. haha! these are all great. i always get crap for only washing my hair twice a week, but i can't believe i ever lived another way. (i despise blowdrying)--i also love reading magazines cover to cover.
    you sounds like a blast, i can't wait to keep reading!


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