January 15, 2013

Because Today, We Are Happy.

It's safe to say that some of my most popular blog posts are the ones in which 
I am a raging bitch, or I'm having another quarter life crisis - usually about hockey.

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It's been really wonderful over the past two and a half years to receive emails from follow hockey wives and girlfriends, most of whom I have never even met before, who thank me for putting their thoughts into words, and for being their friend who "gets it", when their friends back home simply can't understand the life that we live. 

Some of my favorite emails have come from hockey fans who have thanked me for giving them an insiders peek of what our "hockey life" is like - one person told me that I have given a real face and a real family and real feelings to a game and it's transactions. Those words are humbling. 

Humbling, because I'm just a simple girl who doesn't know all that much about hockey, and because TJ is just a minor pro player. We aren't really all that special. But our story that I share here has connected us with some really amazing people.

And I love writing posts like the ones that I mentioned above.

They are freeing.

But to be truthful, those posts were fucking exhausting. 

It's scary to put your thoughts and emotions onto a chopping block like that.

Something that makes me almost sad about what my blog has become is that I know what keeps people coming back for more...I know that I have to share or say a little bit too much to cause conversation. 

Because really, there is no point in me keeping this space active if people aren't interested in reading what I have to say...but are people only interested in our story when we're in an unhappy situation? 

Sometimes, it feels like it.

But I hope that my feelings are wrong.

Because Today, We Are Happy.
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  1. Keep up the good stories and the bad - just be real! It's always nice to know someone's doing well though :)

  2. It's about stinking time.... ;) Glad to hear that!

  3. I like it when you are a happy camper :) I read your blog regardless of what your posting about (even if I may not leave a note every time). Here is to being happy, although Mrs. Bitchy McBitch is always welcome to pay a visit if its what you need! Hope all is well in Germany! xo.

  4. Happy is good. Very good. Even if it means less comments! :)

    Glad you are getting settled in Germany and hoping TJ has a great season.

  5. I love that picture! I can't wait to read more about Germany :)

  6. I will read the good and the bad :) but am especially glad you guys are together and happy :) if people don't want to read your happy stories too...too bad for them :p

  7. Happy is even more amazing! No lie!

    You are a beautiful, beautiful family!!


  8. Happy is always better! I love hearing happy stories about married people who are in love, I love love.

    & regardless of what people may say, happy sells!

  9. Well, I love your blog whether you're a raging bitch or happy ;)

    Loving the family picture, so cute!

  10. Love this post! I'm glad you guys have been reunited :)

  11. I personally LOVE seeing you happy :) Glad you're back in Deutschland with the hubster and that precious pup!


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