January 14, 2013

Business In The Front, Party In The Back.

Greetings from Deutschland!

Brutty and I left Massachusetts on Wednesday at 4:15pm (eastern time). We flew first into Frankfurt, then changed planes for a quick flight into Dusseldorf, where we landed around 7:50am (which was really 1:50am according to my watch).

I didn't sleep a wink on our flight, so it took a little bit of adjusting, due to the time change...
nothing that a few bottles of German wine couldn't help pull me through, though!

We haven't done too much exploring of our new city yet, but I do have a few photos from the windows in the front and back of our apartment to show you what my first peek of Duisburg looks like.

Business In The Front:

Party In The Back:

Mmmhm. We live across the highway from the Red Light District. You should probably be very jealous that I get to see those neon boobies every night from our living room window.


  1. A favorite?! Awe, I knew I liked you! The feeling is more than mutual! Now go drink some Riesling for me ;)

  2. I just discovered Samantha's blog the other week too and love it :-)

    Glad you arrived safely! We have snow in the UK too at the moment! Wrap up warm :-)

    Missy x

  3. Good grammar is important, but THIS GIRL loves her some run-on sentences. Ha!

  4. Brrrrr those pics make me feel cold! I just realized the picture on your sidebar changes pictures! So cool!

  5. I miss my time in Germany so much! So jealous that you are there. Enjoy it! Tschuss!


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