January 16, 2013

Clever As A Fox

via OliveandBirch
One of the most difficult pieces to write for this blog was my About Page.

"My name is Kym, I'm a constant work in progress, and so is this space. I am not a professional writer, I occasionally make grammatical errors, I blog how I speak, and therefore I usually write in run-on sentences. I'm obsessed with organization, I'm sassy, I love documenting my life through photographs, and I definitely have a champagne taste on a boxed wine budget.

It goes on HERE.

I'm a fur mama...I'm a newlywed...I'm a big sister.

I like to eat...I like to sleep...I like to paint.

But, like I mentioned in yesterday post ... I find myself to be a simple kind of gal.

I've tried to pick out a handful of things that make me different, 
like the quote above suggest ... and I'm coming up short.

I mean, I've gotta be more than a wine loving, husband loving, dog loving, 
brownie loving blogger ... correct?

Or, is that who I am? 

I'm pretty much okay with being that simple,
even if it doesn't really make me all that different.

So, I'm curious....
Do you know what makes YOU different?

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  1. I like to say that I'm simply complex.

  2. I think you can and should be who you want to be. I feel like I, like you, am a work in progress and I am constantly striving to become a finished product, yet half the time I don't know really who I am. Sometimes I feel like there is more than one soul living inside of me, both wanting different things out of life and be a different kind of person. I thought your 20ies were meant to help you "find yourself", but really, I feel like I should give it up, be who I want to be on one day, and if I want to be something else on another, so be it, and then just accept that I can't nail down my personality and description? I don't know. I am going to get back to work and stop the rambling now.

  3. i love this because i too am simple but i think there is so much that does make you different and that's what i love about you! you are you....and that's what sharing this blog is all about! being you...the real you!!

  4. Different. So hard to find yourself different when it seems like everyone else already has all the cool, interesting "different" bases covered. I have pointed ears. That's my different. Maybe that's what I'll put in my about me!

  5. Love this post! "I definitely have a champagne taste on a boxed wine budget." I can completely relate to that. =] My different would probably be my gypsy-ish lifestyle. (I've moved a ton). But i love to indulge in all the simple things!


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