January 4, 2013

I Forgot To Tell You What I Got For Christmas!!


This basically sums up the past month of my life:

I told my mom last week "There is something about being in this house that makes me want to eat and eat, and never stop eating, I'm like a bottomless pit!"

She said it's because I'm "comfy" here.

Well, I can tell you what else feels comfy - my new jelly belly! 

While I agree with The Boo,
I don't feel pretty. 

I feel sluggish, jiggly, and I've been having brutal headaches for the past couple of days.

Luckily one of my favorite health bloggers Lauryn just wrote about a cleanse that she's starting next week, and I'm excited to jump on board, too. 

Lauryn outlines all of the cleanse information HERE, and I'm looking forward to starting tomorrow. My body is in dire need of a fresh start and a purge of the sugary/crap toxins that I've been feeding it lately. Hopefully I'll drop a little bit of the puffy water weight that I've been carrying around too, before I finally get to see the husband on THURSDAY - woohoo! 

Yes, I'm this excited:

I just got my flight information today - I leave Boston on Wednesday at 4pm and get into Germany on Thursday at 7:50am (German time). That's going to be one hell of a time change adjustment, but my tentative plan is that after 3 days of detoxing I'll be drifting off to sleep soon after the plane hits the clouds (after I've treated myself to a couple of glasses of free wine, of course.) 

Happy Friday, Friends!



  1. Haha you are too funny. So excited for you and your new adventure in Germany.

  2. Ditto, friend. Ditto! I posted that first Boo gif on my blog a few posts ago. She always sums up a post pretty perfectly. And there's nothing like a good gif! Good luck with the cleanse and safe travels!


  3. I was not expecting that when I opened this post lol!!

    I feel what you're saying though - I definitely packed on an extra five pounds or so over the holidays and it's time to get it off.

    I actually started a new link up this week called weigh in Wednesday. I'd love it if you linked up with me! You don't actually have to weigh in, although I do to hold myself accountable. Any fitness related posts are welcome!

    Happy Friday!

    Lacey @ And They
    Call Me Mommy

  4. I agree with Lacey was not expecting this post bahaha I was like oooh I wonder what she got?! LOL I got fat too :( Problem with the holidays is there is just so much delicious food available all the time and it's hard to say no when its just sitting there looking at you! I am definitely checking out that cleanse! I want to go to Germany! Sounds like so much fun! Does Brutus get to come with you or will he stay with family?

  5. That last comment was supposed to come from this account not that one. I forgot I was signed into my other email. woops

  6. International flights are the best. So.Much.Wine.

    Quite a few blogs I read are starting cleanses too. I'm intrigued. I wonder if it would help my skin, etc!


  7. Oh my gosh... this is just another reason why I LOVE you! You are REAL!!!! :) I'm checking out the link with the cleanse details now. :)

  8. I hear cleanses are good, but I can't do the juice cleanses because of my hypoglycemia. Will and I are just eating better/not eating out {much if at all} for January! Good luck!

  9. Haha..funny! Hope you travel safe. Have a good time in Germany!


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