January 1, 2013

I'm Gonna Party Like It's 2013.

So, how was your New Years Eve?

Mine was all sorts of boring. 

I sat around with a bottle of champagne, prosciutto and cheese, 
and decided to change things up around here a little bit. 

Do you like the new layout?

You better, because I royally screwed something up with it earlier, 
and it literally took me all day to fix.

(Believe it or not, blog design is not my forte.)

So, we have a new blog design for 2013, new advertising options for 2013,
annnnd the same old me - for the remainder of tonight anyways.

Tomorrow on the other hand is a totally different story - I'm turning 27. 

How the hell did this happen?

Anyways, did you send me a card yet? I also like moscato.

p.s. - This girl rocks my socks...(or she would, if I was wearing a pair right now):


  1. Sadly my NYE was boring too... stayed at home with the husband and kissed at midnight but that was nice. Happy Birthday tomorrow~! 27 is still a rockin age. Enjoy the beginning to 2013! I applied for sponsor so I look forward to working with you.

  2. I love the new layout!!! :)

  3. Happy Birthday, beautiful friend! May this year be wonderful!
    Hugs xxx

    Btw - I LOVE Moscato! cheers

  4. Happy Birthday sweet friend!!!!! Love the new look!

  5. Happy birthday!!! I'm a new follower from living in yellow! Love your blog!


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