January 7, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile

An amazing caramel macchiato.
Thinking of a great idea for a blog post.
Sparkling Moscato.
Waking up to find Brutus as my "little spoon".
When I'm baking bread and the dough actually rises.
Sunday Morning pancakes.
Receiving a card in the mail.
Fresh, clean sheets.
Waking up in the middle of the night to find that I still have 5 hours of sleep left.
Incorporating Mean Girls and Napoleon Dynamite quotes into my everyday conversation.
Yummy sharp cheese.
When my favorite song comes on the radio.
Green lights the entire way home.
Finding a forgotten $20 tucked away in a pocket.

It is said that in life, the little things are actually the big things.
What are the "Little Things" that make you smile?



  1. Those are some wonderful little things! Mine are similar - a hug from my girl, kitty purrs in my ear, a happy pup when I come home, snail mail, fresh linens...
    Happy Monday - when are you taking off overseas? xxx

  2. Love this! I may have to borrow it from you :)

  3. I smiled just reading your list! I would also add...fresh snow when I'm in my cozy home, waffles on a Sunday morning, and popcorn paired with a good movie or tv show.

  4. That is such a beautiful list, Kym! I can agree with many of them! I would also add (in light of the time of year) anything Christmas related to my list - music, cookies, tree .. and considering I got a very sweet voice mail, which was very much unexpected, last night, I'd say randomly said nice words and compliments are also high on that list!

  5. Love this post for a few reasons:
    Moscato (only the best wine ever!)
    Snail mail
    LOVE the feeling of nice, clean sheets
    And Napolean Dynamite.

    Let's be friends now!

  6. We are so alike. I literally have a list like this going in my phone for a possible post! And I so agree clean sheets make me SO happy!! Along with coming home and seeing my dog greet me at the door!

  7. Honestly, I was really excited when I realized I didn't have to tie my shoes today because I was wearing dress shoes. I understand how lazy that sounds - but it was 8:00am, it's the realllly little things at 8:00am.

  8. haha "little spoon" that is awesome. My pup does the same thing. :)

  9. Such a special list Kym, and so much to be grateful for...
    Think I may make a list of my own too! Thanks for sharing x

  10. What a great list!!! I love moscato! Pink moscato is my favorite!!!

  11. love it! made my own list :) http://jerseygirldesign.blogspot.com/2013/01/things-that-make-me-smile-d.html

  12. Such a great list!! I think my smile got bigger and bigger as I was reading it! :) It really is the little things in life...my little things, the smell of rain, a good cup of hot chocolate and seeing a rainbow are a few. :)


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