March 15, 2013

Five For Friday: Things That Made Me Smile This Week

1. Did you know that a dogs coat can change as they grow? Brutty is starting to look like a(n overweight) dalmatian, and the little spots that keep popping out make me smile each time we're outside for a walk.

2. My new favorite banana pancake recipe. Mash one ripe banana, mix in an egg, throw in a dash of cinnamon, cook like a pancake and enjoy your foodgasm. You can thank me later.

3. Daily "Good Morning, Sunshine" texts from my Dad. His most recent one continued and informed me that I forgot to mention in Brutty's birthday post that the pup also enjoys ruining my brothers skateboards and soccer balls. Hi Dad, I love you :)

4. Learning of the possibility that GFC might go bye-bye. Am I the only blogger who is excited about this?

5. Realizing that I have 25 days left until I head back to the grand old US of A.

What made you smile this week?

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  1. Now I want banana pancakes.. and I'm going to make them your.. GREAT idea!!

    I'm also happy about the possibility of GFC leaving.. I think it will be a change that blog world definitely needs.

    1. Alyssa, the pancakes are seriously SO GOOD! I'm not a huge banana fan, but I am a pancake fan. I found the recipe putzing around Pinterest and it's definitely my new go-to. TJ even said he'd eat them on the regular, so it's man approved, too, haha. I had one yesterday with sliced strawberries DELISH! You don't even need syrup!!

      Soooo happy about GFC leaving. I agree, it will be a wonderful change for blogland.

  2. I don't use GFC or google reader so honestly it doesn't faze me at all that its leaving LOL.

    Having good people in my life made me smile this week! :)

  3. It is kind of exciting the GFC might go away ...then the focus might go away from the actual how many followers there are. While I do like getting followers i hate knowing that it is the only thing on somes mind!

  4. I will def be trying that banana pancake recipe. Sounds yummy, thanks for sharing!

  5. My dogs hair is changing as he grows. He was born black and and is now a wheaten color(hints his name-wheaten terrier)! I love it. Also, I'm very excited about the GFC leaving. I'm finding more diverse blogs through bloglovin already. I'm looking forward to it!

  6. Um that banana pancake recipe sounds amazing...and so easy! Definitely putting that on my list. Happy weekend! :)

  7. I am so excited about GFC going bye-bye, mainly because it's a false indicator of readership and people care way too much about that number. It was a big reason I moved to Wordpress!

    And #2 is my life!

  8. I'm happy that GFC us leaving only because I'm on wordpress and feel left out! I could see why people who use it would be upset though. x

  9. That is so cute that your dad texts you. :)

  10. I've been making those banana pancakes for awhile, and I LOVE them! Such an easy and healthy snack/meal. I actually had them for dinner last night! I usually use two eggs though... I'll have too try it with just one. Is it super thick that way, though?

  11. Emma is getting little spots on her tummy, it's so cute!

  12. I really want to try that pancake recipe now!

  13. It would take some pressure off of everyone if GFC went away! Then we can just focus on the blog friendships we have and support each other without the number focus!!

  14. Can't wait to try that pancake recipe! Also super pumped GFC is going away...we can finally blog without it feeling like a competition... hallelujah!

  15. I am really excited about GFC going away! Yippee! Also I want to try those pancakes, I had seen them on pinterest, but I didn't think they would work...guess I was wrong! And finally that is so cute about Brutus' spots. One of my dogs had a completely pink belly when we got hime, but now its covered in brown spots! Super cute!


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