April 18, 2013

Getting Shit Done.

I love this post from Chelsea at Sunny With A Chance of Sprinkles
Summer is coming, ladies - it's time to start working your ass off!
I love that this To-Do List includes a reminder to drink 8 glasses of water.
I use the iCheckClock app on my Mac to track my internet usage time. Working virtually, it's super easy for me to get distracted, so I make sure to track every minute that I'm on my computer, separated into different project "stopwatches", to ensure that my work time is superseding my dicking-around-on-the-internet time.

Some days, because I have no self control, I have to turn my SelfControl app on. The app blocks whatever websites that I "blacklist" for a certain period of time that I select, and there's no turning it off. I haven't been able to find anything similar for the iPhone (other than actually having real self control), but if someone knows of something, please let me know!

I always (try) to work for 40 minutes straight, and then I take a 10-20 minute break away from the computer. This week, I've been throwing the squat challenge into my break times ... and it's strangely become something that I look forward to??!

Is anyone else guilty of writing things down on their To-Do list after you've already completed them? I struggle with keeping a written To-Do list ... I keep a running list in my head, but that can quickly become disorganized. I just found the To-Do list printable up above on Pinterest this morning, and for some reason it looks motivating, don't you think? I currently have a weeks worth printing out right now :).

Do you have any tips for Getting Shit Done?

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April 10, 2013


Yes, this really happened.

Yes, this did too.

Dunkin Donuts is lucky that I have a sense of humor, our luggage was delivered this morning, I'm thrilled to be teaching dance classes tonight, and TJ starts his summer job on Monday. 

Life is good in our hood. Happy Hump Day! xo

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April 1, 2013

Once You Lose Yourself You Have Two Choices

Over the weekend someone DM'ed me a simple message on Twitter about how I "shouldn't feel pressured to publish good, happy feeling posts for my readers right now."

Those words stuck with me all weekend - (PS, thank you again, my friend).

I guess I do feel pressured, but not so much to convince everyone else that I am okay ... it's more or less to convince myself that I'm okay. I'm not sure if this is a healthy means of coping, or if I'm asking for trouble, but I guess I'll figure it out as I go along.

As I admitted on Friday, in the past couple of weeks I kind of lost it. In losing my baby I quickly lost myself. I'm not an alcoholic by any means (ha!), but I self medicated myself with a giant bottle of wine every single night for ten days straight. Those drinks made me laugh through each night - which is when my new reality hits me the hardest - and they helped me to fall into a blurry sleep until morning.

I realized on Friday while writing that I was quickly falling down a hole and that I needed to snap out of it. I'm proud to admit that I haven't had a bottle of wine in the apartment since Thursday. 

Holy balls, I feel like I'm in an AA meeting right now just for typing that last sentence! "Hi. My name is Kym and I have a problem." ... ha ... I swear I'm not as ridiculous as this all sounds ... but I am patting myself on the back for realizing that I was taking a slow turn for the worst and that I needed to pull myself together.

via live.laugh.love & kaybella on Pinterest

In a Google search that led me to blogs from women who have experienced a miscarriage, I read a wonderful post from a woman who explained that in losing her child, she re-birthed herself.

She went on to explain how she wanted to become the best version of herself, and to nurture herself like she had planned to do with her baby.

Loss changes you. 

Well, it's changed me, anyway. It has forced me to take a deep look at myself. It's forced me to evaluate myself, my relationships with people, my goals, my routines, my responsibilities, my priorities, my faith, and I'm sure a whole bunch of other things that I haven't even focused on yet.

I've learned first hand that this life, my life, all life, is fragile.

And I've learned that NOW is the time to make some changes in my life, and to create a life that I truly love living.


I realize that unless you've had a miscarriage you probably can't relate to much of anything that I write about here when I write about my actual experience or feelings - but I'm sure that everyone can understand and answer the following questions:

Are you living the life that you always imagined? Are you doing what you love to do? Are you surrounding yourself with people who bring you up? Are you happy with your true self? 

If you answered "No" to any of those questions - what are you waiting for to turn it all around?

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