May 22, 2013

Real Life >>> Blog Life

Have you downloaded the BeautifulMess app yet? If not, get with the program.

I've been pretty boring on my blog lately, but I update a few times a day on Instagram - are you following me there? If so, you'd see:

1. Too many photos of Brutus.

2. My nummy sushi dinner date with the hubs.

3. The trip I took to the zoo with TJ and my little brother. It was more or less a petting zoo - but we still had fun and saw quite a few furry friends.

4. Lots of fitspo. I've been really dedicated to working on my bikini bod these past few weeks. My Polar watch is the best purchase I've ever made - you can get yours on Amazon HERE for $65! 

That's all - Happy Hump Day :)

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  1. I been wanting a Polar for a while, i hoping to get it soon!

    1. It's definitely been a great investment and keeps me motivated! I purchased mine off of the Amazon link that I mentioned, which was by far the cheapest place where I could find it brand new!

    2. I don't think my comment posted, but if it did, sorry!

      Polars are awesome and Amazon is the cheapest place to get one. If you want some more fitspo, check on Fluff to Buff on Facebook and the blog (neither account belongs to me). They're run by Kyle, who has lost upwards of 60 pounds and now she's training to compete in a bikini competition.

  2. I bought the polar watch but wasn't impressed with it because it didn't have a distance tracker.

    1. Oh, that's definitely unfortunate if you're looking to track distance - I use mine to track the calories that I burn each workout, so it's been perfect for me.

      Did you know that Polar has a chest strap with a Nike+ transmitter?

  3. I just bought this polar watch on Tuesday. I'm tracking the shipment like a crazy person!

  4. I have not downloaded the beautiful mess app yet! Yes I have been under a rock. I don't know. I love the llamadrama!


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