June 7, 2013

My Summer To-Do List

The next five days here in Massachusetts call for rain, but my mind is set on the sunny days ahead. 

This summer I'm looking forward to:

1. Finding the perfect homemade strawberry lemonade recipe
2. Going mini-golfing
3. Reading five books
4. Making homemade ice cream
5. Going fishing
6. Swimming with dolphins in Mexico
7. Learning how to grill
8. Going berry picking and baking my own pie
9. Camping in my backyard
10. Going to a drive in movie
11. Slip-n-sliding and sprinkler fun with my little brother
12. Going on a picnic
13. Making homemade fruit pops
14. Taking an impulse beach day-cation
15. Capturing all of the memories on camera and video

What do you want to-do this summer?


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  1. I heard you guys are getting hit with a tropical storm out east? Some things I'm looking forward to:
    2. Sun
    3. Beach
    4. A tan!!

  2. Apparently Andrea is on her way?!!! Yay, you must be so excited for the big day! (and to finally get out of that car and sprawl out in your bed!!) xoxox

  3. I love your list!!! :)

  4. I am planning on camping in our backyard as well :)

  5. Thank you, ma'am! What are you looking forward to this summer??

  6. It really is the simple things that make the best memories :)

  7. I just went mini-golfing with my brother last night and had so much fun!! My big summer to-do is to ride 3 laps around a professional racetrack and wipe that off my bucket list.

  8. Ah! That sounds so fun! Do you have a track nearby? We looked once in Disney and it was soo expensive!

  9. I live about an hour or so away from the Kentucky Speedway, which is where I will be going. And I found a Groupon for a half price ride otherwise it would be way too expensive!

  10. I have such a huge to do list this summer. Doing my best to knock them out one at a time though.

  11. Sounds like it will be an AMAZING summer!!!


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